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The PCMDI AMIP Boundary Conditions v1.1.2 are now available.

Data can be downloaded from the ESGF input4MIPs data portal

The following changes have been made in preparation for this release:

All data:

  • Data coverage now extends from January 1870 to December 2016
  • sftof (sea_area_fraction) variable is now included
  • cell_methods, cell_measures - corrected confused entries (Values for each entry in v1.1.1 were inverted)
  • Updated to use data_specs_version/CMIP6 Data Request 01.00.06 (From 0.1.beta.37)
  • Updated license to conform with CMIP6
  • Updated URLs to new PCMDI website
  • Updated grid_resolution -> nominal_resolution to conform with CMIP6
  • Data has been written using CMOR 3.2.3 (from 3.1.2) using the input4MIPs tables 1.1.2-amipbcs

Variable specific changes

  • Units change - K -> degC (to conform with CMIP6; also corrected invalid 273.16 rather than 273.15 offset which was included in earlier releases)
  • Removed spurious comment


  • Units change - 1.0 -> % (to conform with CMIP6)
  • Realm change - corrected realm from ocean -> seaIce