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Gamedb: Remove Dakar 2 gamefix patches.

On earlier versions (0.9.8) the KOSMOS patches were used to fix an
emulator crash on bootup, the patches are no longer needed and cause an
emulator crash on OpenGL HW before a race begins.
The intro video patch skip also isn't needed anymore since intro video
is emulated properly. So far the only issue I spotted on earlier
versions such as 0.9.8 was fmv screen shaking.

Bug Report:
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lightningterror committed Sep 17, 2019
1 parent 4db6b28 commit 2a94dbcfe3a4e2792bcec85d564b944a0c6810e6
Showing with 0 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +0 −8 bin/GameIndex.dbf
@@ -8602,14 +8602,6 @@ Region = PAL-M5
Compat = 5
FPUNegDivHack = 1 // Fixes sky being shown over the 3d.
EETimingHack = 1 // Flickery videos without it.
[patches = CB4EBD11]
comment=patches by Nachbrenner
// Skip Intro Videos.
// KOSMOS fix.
patch=0,EE,00171874,word,00000000 // D1_CHCR
patch=0,EE,001718c4,word,00000000 // GS_CSR
Serial = SLES-50880
Name = BMX XXX

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