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GameDB: New fixes/patches

This commit add several fixes for several games as well as some serial updates:

- Batman Vengeance - patch removal and the addition of EETiminghack to fix slow videos.
- Musashiden 2 - Several fixes which reduce by a large margin the amount of graphical issues.
- F1 2001 - Adjustment of the patch to make it fully working as well as the addition of the NTSC-U patch.
- Sprint Car 2 - Added a patch to make it playable without bouncing cars.
- Wakeboarding Unleashed - Added 2 fixes to fix various graphics issues (still unplayable on retail builds).
- Netsu Chu! Pro Baseball 2003 - Added a patch to fix game hanging when going ingame.
- Hisshou Pachinko-Pachislot series - Added the EETiminghack to solve crashing videos.
- Yu Gi ho 2 - Added several fixes to fix battle annimation.
- .hack fragment - Removal of all unneeded hacks.
- Ratchet and Calnk 2 - Removal of the EEtimingHack causing problems in the game.
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atomic83GitHub authored and lightningterror committed Jan 4, 2020
1 parent 5308be3 commit 2b6905307d6681e8c7c92e97c882b55195367b8f
Showing with 258 additions and 23 deletions.
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