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gsdx-debug: Use gl GL_INS print macro for a log instead of relying on…

… debug build.

In GSDrawingContext.

Also some minor format cleanup to match the rest of the code.
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lightningterror committed Mar 4, 2019
1 parent 5c23a9f commit 46e63c1f17ac608fdb9bf73f8ce924af5668e526
Showing with 4 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +4 −6 plugins/GSdx/GSDrawingContext.cpp
@@ -117,18 +117,16 @@ GIFRegTEX0 GSDrawingContext::GetSizeFixedTEX0(int s_n, const GSVector4& st, bool
th = extend(uv.y, th);

#if defined(_DEBUG) && 1
if((int)TEX0.TW != tw || (int)TEX0.TH != th)
printf("%5d:FixedTEX0 %05x %d %d tw %d=>%d th %d=>%d st (%.0f,%.0f,%.0f,%.0f) uvmax %d,%d wm %d,%d (%d,%d,%d,%d)\n",
GL_INS("%5d:FixedTEX0 %05x %d %d tw %d=>%d th %d=>%d st (%.0f,%.0f,%.0f,%.0f) uvmax %d,%d wm %d,%d (%d,%d,%d,%d)\n",

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lightningterror Mar 4, 2019

Author Member

I forgot to remove the \n at the end -.-

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gregory38 Mar 4, 2019


Actually it would be better to keep it only for sw renderer

(int)TEX0.TBP0, (int)TEX0.TBW, (int)TEX0.PSM,
(int)TEX0.TW, tw, (int)TEX0.TH, th,
uvf.x, uvf.y, uvf.z, uvf.w,
uv.x, uv.y,
wms, wmt, minu, maxu, minv, maxv);

GIFRegTEX0 res = TEX0;

@@ -142,18 +140,18 @@ void GSDrawingContext::ComputeFixedTEX0(const GSVector4& st, bool linear)
GIFRegTEX0 reg = GetSizeFixedTEX0(0, st, linear, false);

if (reg.TW > TEX0.TW)
if(reg.TW > TEX0.TW)
m_fixed_tex0 = true;
TEX0.TW = reg.TW;
if (reg.TH > TEX0.TH)
if(reg.TH > TEX0.TH)
m_fixed_tex0 = true;
TEX0.TH = reg.TH;

if (m_fixed_tex0)
GL_INS("FixedTEX0 TW %d=>%d, TH %d=>%d wm %d,%d",
(int)stack.TEX0.TW, (int)TEX0.TW, (int)stack.TEX0.TH, (int)TEX0.TH,

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