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gsdx-hw: Add Jak 1 jap, Jak 2 eu, Jak 3 eu/us demo discs to crc list.

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lightningterror committed Aug 31, 2019
1 parent 99f814d commit 62d07c8335a76f632cb17c18c59c3b4446cd7849
Showing with 4 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +4 −0 plugins/GSdx/GSCrc.cpp
@@ -444,12 +444,16 @@ CRC::Game CRC::m_games[] =
{0x1B3976AB, Jak1, US, TextureInsideRt},
{0x472E7699, Jak1, US, TextureInsideRt},
{0xEDE4FE64, Jak1, JP, TextureInsideRt}, // Jak x Daxter: Kyuusekai no Isan
{0x2A7FD3B4, Jak1, JP, TextureInsideRt}, // Demo, Taikenba
{0x2479F4A9, Jak2, EU, TextureInsideRt},
{0xF41C1B29, Jak2, EU, TextureInsideRt}, // Demo
{0x9184AAF1, Jak2, US, TextureInsideRt},
{0xA2034C69, Jak2, US, TextureInsideRt}, // Demo
{0x12804727, Jak3, EU, TextureInsideRt},
{0xE59E10BF, Jak3, EU, TextureInsideRt},
{0xCA68E4D5, Jak3, EU, TextureInsideRt}, // Demo
{0x644CFD03, Jak3, US, TextureInsideRt},
{0xD401BC20, Jak3, US, TextureInsideRt}, // Demo
{0x23F8D35B, Jak3, NoRegion, TextureInsideRt}, // EU Preview, US Internal test build
{0xDF659E77, JakX, EU, TextureInsideRt}, // Jak X: Combat Racing
{0xC20596DB, JakX, EU, TextureInsideRt}, // Beta Trial Disc, v0.01

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