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Gamedb: Add gamefix patch for (Choro Q - High Grade) Gadget Racers NT…


Patch by Prafull.
Fixes vsync issues, avoid hang at first loading screen, skips movies.
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lightningterror committed Apr 5, 2019
1 parent fc5dde4 commit bb0c0d3d27df4aa5774ddfdb1156d564f3bbefda
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  1. +9 −0 bin/GameIndex.dbf
Serial = SLPS-25015
Name = Choro Q - High Grade
Region = NTSC-J
[patches = 6F9C4D7C]
comment=Patch by Prafull
// Fixes vsync issues.
// Avoid hang at first loading screen.
// Skips movies.
Serial = SLPS-25016
Name = Neo Atlas 3

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knight-ryu12 commented on bb0c0d3 Apr 6, 2019

why not use author line?

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