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GSdx-d3d: Use Colormask instead of GSDXRecoverableError on d3d9 textu…

…re shuffle.

Might be better.
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lightningterror committed Oct 8, 2018
1 parent 897b17d commit c337ab6a666e3841f762d9a5bb04d6f4425b76ed
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  1. +3 −4 plugins/GSdx/GSRendererDX9.cpp
@@ -60,10 +60,9 @@ void GSRendererDX9::EmulateTextureShuffleAndFbmask()
if (m_texture_shuffle)
// We can do a partial port for D3D9 that skips the draw call to give it a slight improvement.
// It's still broken but more bearable. Broken effect is on the screen but fully instead of vertical lines.
throw GSDXRecoverableError();
// Texture shuffle is not supported so make sure nothing is written on all channels.
om_bsel.wrgba = 0;
m_ps_sel.dfmt = GSLocalMemory::m_psm[m_context->FRAME.PSM].fmt;

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