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Is it currently possible to build the gsdx plugin with sse4.1 instructions on linux? if so, how would one go about that, I've tried modifying plugins/GSdx/CMakeLists.txt and my build broke (gonna clean the workspace and try again). My cpu is capable of most of the sse extensions, all afaik. I know for a fact it supports sse4.1, so any info?


Nope, build still broken.


By default gsdx will be built with AVX1/2 support. Code need to be changed to enable lower SSE instrusction set.


But GSdx SSE4.1 does work on Windows, correct?


If I was an evil dev, I would say

but GSdx AVX does work on Linux ;)

So as say, code need to be enabled and tested (and potentially fixed).


I'd like to help, can you give me a bit of a roadmap?


Look around that code.

plugins/GSdx/stdafx.h-// sse
plugins/GSdx/stdafx.h-#ifdef __GNUC__
plugins/GSdx/stdafx.h-// Convert gcc see define into GSdx (windows) define
plugins/GSdx/stdafx.h:#if defined(__AVX2__)
plugins/GSdx/stdafx.h-  #define _M_SSE 0x501
plugins/GSdx/stdafx.h:#elif defined(__AVX__)
plugins/GSdx/stdafx.h-  #define _M_SSE 0x500
plugins/GSdx/GSUtil.cpp-        #if _M_SSE >= 0x501
plugins/GSdx/GSUtil.cpp-        sl.push_back("AVX2");
plugins/GSdx/GSUtil.cpp-        #elif _M_SSE >= 0x500
plugins/GSdx/GSUtil.cpp:        sl.push_back("AVX");
plugins/GSdx/GSUtil.cpp-        #elif _M_SSE >= 0x402
plugins/GSdx/GSUtil.cpp-        sl.push_back("SSE42");
plugins/GSdx/GSUtil.cpp-        #elif _M_SSE >= 0x401

I've sent a PR for building GSdx with SSE4.1 and SSSE3 on Linux.

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