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PDAL is Point Data Abstraction Library. GDAL for point cloud data.
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apps Use correct cmake version variable in pdal-config
cmake Use @loader_path/../lib
doc Support for LAS extra bytes VLR.
examples/writing initial commit of PDALConfig.cmake
filters light up GDAL environment for reprojection filter #764
include/pdal Merge pull request #768 from PDAL/pointaccess
io Fix duplicate backout of offset.
kernels add filename to 'pdal info' output
plugins Remove dead option from OciReader.
python/pdal Rename all drivers.*.reader to readers.* and
schemas Verify we handle Non-ASCII UTF-8 characters properly in Metadata/XMLS…
scripts move package installation into a linux-install-scripts/ fi…
src Support for LAS extra bytes VLR.
test Add write tests for BPF.
tools move bounds to include/pdal/util #699
vendor move nanoflann from ./include/pdal/third to ./vendor/nanoflann-1.1.8
.gitattributes but the text files need to be lf
.gitignore Ignore generated Pgtest-Support file.
.travis.yml stubs have been gone for a while now
AUTHORS.txt update AUTHORS with current listing
CMakeLists.txt only nuke the files in ./lib on clean for 'make clean', not the lib d… Add
LICENSE.txt updated initial commit of PDALConfig.cmake Create
Vagrantfile Update Vagrant's trusty image URL.
astylerc new astyle options git sha reporting in version strings only CMAKE_BUILD_WITH_INSTALL_RPATH when APPLE


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