PDAL is Point Data Abstraction Library. GDAL for point cloud data.
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apps Fix logging. Aug 23, 2016
cmake allow override of inferred drivers in kernels (specify with --driver … Jul 29, 2016
dimbuilder Rework handling of positional arguments for flexibility. Aug 12, 2016
doc ogrdriver instead of --driver for density kernel Aug 23, 2016
examples Pass options when stage is created as part of kernel. Aug 8, 2016
filters Merge pull request #1266 from PDAL/issue-1253-crop-reprojection Jul 7, 2016
include/pdal Set command-line-based log into stages unless overridden. Aug 19, 2016
io normalize Reflectance to Intensity for readers.pts Aug 7, 2016
kernels --driver is PDAL driver. Use --ogrdriver to specify which driver to u… Aug 22, 2016
plugins Remove debug. Aug 25, 2016
python add a --python-version switch to pdal-config and use that to detect w… May 11, 2016
schemas Add optional version number to XMLSchema output #961 Sep 10, 2015
scripts typo Aug 22, 2016
src Fix logging. Aug 23, 2016
test Fix tests for debug/verbose. Aug 25, 2016
tools Don't require Nitro dependency. Apr 30, 2016
vendor another arbiter refresh Jul 7, 2016
.gitattributes Declare BPF bundle files as always having LF Feb 23, 2016
.gitignore add 'pdal density' command to generate OGR hexbin surfaces of point c… Mar 14, 2016
.travis.yml Documentation improvements Apr 11, 2016
AUTHORS.txt update AUTHORS Aug 10, 2015
CMakeLists.txt 1) Remove arbiter, dl, curl and json dependencies from libutil Jun 29, 2016
ChangeLog update ChangeLog Mar 31, 2016
HOWTORELEASE.txt Documentation improvements Apr 11, 2016
LICENSE.txt Merge of lots of little changes. Aug 11, 2015
PDALConfig.cmake.in Fix linking of example to use only pdalcpp. Jun 16, 2016
README.md Fix URL to AppVeyor badge. May 5, 2016
RELEASENOTES.txt First cut release notes. Aug 25, 2016
Vagrantfile Updated vagrant provisioning to use common GeoWave jace bindings Apr 10, 2015
appveyor.yml Add PipelineReaderJSON Mar 10, 2016
astylerc new astyle options Apr 20, 2012
gitsha.cpp.in git sha reporting in version strings May 29, 2013
package.sh make sure to 'make dist' in package.sh Sep 11, 2015
pdal_defines.h.in Update arbiter with some globbing and SSE fixes, and add to pdal name… May 16, 2016