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PDAL is Point Data Abstraction Library. GDAL for point cloud data.
C++ CMake Shell C Batchfile Python
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apps git/release version setting
cmake catch up CPD plugin to current PDAL master
doc Update MrSID reader up to date with current PDAL
examples Add Brad's API reader/writer/filter usage tutorials.
filters Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
include/pdal Eliminates/suppress warnings.
io Set and use m_srs variable in LasWriter.
kernels Add support for lost --polygon option in translate kernel.
plugins Update MrSID reader up to date with current PDAL
python/pdal Rename all drivers.*.reader to readers.* and
schemas increment version of PointCloudSchema XSD to 1.3 to include <metadata…
scripts Add DerivativeWriter
src Update MrSID reader up to date with current PDAL
test Don't run SRS tests without Geotiff.
tools move Charbuf, Extractor, Inserter, IStream, and OStream to util
vendor Remove dead "register" hint.
.gitattributes but the text files need to be lf
.gitignore clean up extra tabs in gitignore
.travis.yml stubs have been gone for a while now
CMakeLists.txt Add DerivativeWriter Add
LICENSE.txt Merge of lots of little changes. external projects using pdal will also need the boost include and lib… Add website link to README file
Vagrantfile Updated vagrant provisioning to use common GeoWave jace bindings
appveyor.yml Add DerivativeWriter
astylerc new astyle options git sha reporting in version strings Merge branch 'master' of into python

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