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@abellgithub abellgithub released this Oct 13, 2017 · 1571 commits to master since this release

Changes of Note

  • PDAL's Travis CI configuration is now based on Alpine Linux.
  • PDAL is now built into containers with Alpine linux in addition to Ubuntu linux. Tags exist for each release, starting with 1.4, as well as the master branch.
  • Pipeline tag names can now contain capital letters. They can also contain underscores after the first character.
  • Replace filters.programmable and filters.predicate with the more general filters.python.
  • Add support for Matlab with filters.matlab(#1661).
  • Remove the approximate option from filters.pmf and add an exponential option.p
  • Placed base64 encoded VLR data in a subnode of the VLR itself with the key "data" rather than duplicate the VLR node itself (#1648).
  • XML pipelines are no longer supported (#1666).
  • The number of proprietary dimensions in readers.text was expanded from 255 to 4095 (#1657).
  • API hooks have been added to support the use of PDAL with JVM languages such as Java or Scala.
  • Added support for LASzip 1.4 and switch to use the new LASzip API. (#1205). LASzip support in PDAL will require release 3.1.1 or greater.
  • The cpd kernel has been replaced with filters.cpd.
  • No more warnings about ReturnNumber or NumberOfReturns for LAS permuations (#1682).
  • The KernelFactory class has been removed. Its functionality has been moved to StageFactory.
  • Built-in eigen support has changed from version 3.2.8 to 3.3.4 (#1681).


  • API users can now create synonyms for existing arguments to a stage.
  • filters.splitter can now create buffered tiles with the buffer option.
  • writers.plycan now be made to write faces of an existing mesh (created with filters.greedyprojection or filters.poisson) if the faces option is used. An option dims has also been added that allows specification of the dimensions to be written as PLY elements. The writer also now supports streaming mode.
  • readers.text is now automatically invoked for .csv files.
  • PDAL_PLUGIN_INSTALL_PATH can now be set via override when building PDAL from source.
  • Changed the use of null devices to eliminate potentially running out of file descriptors on Windows.
  • filters.randomize can now be created by the stage factory (#1598).
  • Provide the ability to specify a viewpoint and normal orientation in filters.normal (#1638).
  • readers.las now provides the ignore_vlr option to allow named VLRs to be dropped when read (#1651).
  • Allow writers.gdal to write output rasters of type other than double (#1497).
  • filters.sqlite is now invoked automatically for .gpkg files.
  • filters.colorinterp can now be used in streaming mode in some cases (#1675).
  • Pointers can now be stored as metadata.
  • filters.ferry can now create new dimensions without copying data (#1694).


  • Remove some leftover references to the classify and extract options that were removed from filters.ground in the last release.
  • Add a note about running pgpointcloud tests.
  • Added a tutorial on filtering data with python.
  • Remove lingering XML pipeline examples and replace with JSON.
  • Many updates and corrections to the workshop.
  • Added to the FAQs and entry about why a stage might not be found.
  • Added information to stage docs to indicate whether or not they were buit-in rather than plugins (#1612).
  • Added information to stage docs to indicate when they are streamable (#1606).

New filters

  • filters.greedyprojection - Performs triangulation of points (surface reconstruction) based on the greedy projection algorithm.
  • filters.poisson - Performs triangulation of points (surface reconstruction) based on the algorithm of Kazhdan.
  • filters.head - Passes through only the first N points.
  • filters.tail - Passes through only the last N points.
  • filters.cpd - Calculates and applies a transformation to align two datasets using the Coherent Point Drift registration algorithm.
  • filters.icp - Calculates and applies a transformation to align two datasets using the Iterative Closest Point registration algorithm.
  • filters.voxelcenternearestneighbor - Finds points closest to the center of a voxel (#1597).
  • filters.voxelcentroidnearestneighbor - Finds points closest to the controid of points in a voxel (#1597).
  • filters.python - Replaces filters.predicate and filters.programmable.
  • filters.matlab - Provides support for matlab manipulation of PDAL points and metadata (#1661).

New readers

  • Add readers.osg to support Open Scene Graph format.
  • Add readers.matlab to support reading data from a user-defined Matlab array struct. The same structure is written by writers.matlab.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a case wherekernels.tindex would unconditionally set the spatial reference on a feature from the a_srs option. The spatial reference stored in a_srs is now only used if explicitly set or no spatial reference was present.
  • Fixed a case where writers.gdal could fail to check for an out-of-bounds point, potentially leading to a crash.
  • Fix an error in filters.cluster where the points wouldn't properly be placed in the first cluster because the starting cluster number was incorrect.
  • Fixed an error in freeing OGR features that could cause a crash when running "pdal density".
  • Fix potential memory leaks when creating OGRSpatialReference objects.
  • Make sure the global_encoding option is initialized to 0 in writers.las (#1595).
  • Fix eigen::computeCovariance to compute the correct sample covariance.
  • In some cases, the filters.crop would attempt to treat a 2D bounding box as 3D, yeilding a NULL bounding box and an error in behavior (#1626).
  • Fixed potential crash when using PDAL with multiple threads by providing locking for gdal::ErrorHandler (#1637)
  • Made sure that an uncompressed LAS file would be properly read even if the compression option was provided.
  • Throw an exception instead of crash when attempting to access a non-existent color ramp. (#1688)
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