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@abellgithub abellgithub released this May 9, 2019 · 6 commits to 1.9-maintenance since this release

Version 1.9.1 is a bug fix release.

Bug Fixes

  • When writing numerous LAS files with the PDAL API, an internal list
    of fields to forward could grow excessively. This has been fixed.
  • A computation in writers.gdal that could overflow with very large
    rasters has been fixed. (#2454)
  • A bug that could result in the same pipeline tag name being used for
    multiple stages of the same type has been fixed. (#2458)
  • A potential segmentation fault in pdal density has been fixed.
  • A segmentation fault in filters.chipper when processing multiple
    inputs has been fixed. (#2479)
  • An issue with readers.ept overwriting temporary files before they
    weren’t needed has been fixed. (#2474)
  • Fixed an issue where filters.icp would create data that appeared
    invalid due to the precision of data when positions weren’t located
    near the origin. (#2492)
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