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@abellgithub abellgithub released this Aug 23, 2019 · 10 commits to 2.0-maintenance since this release


  • Version 2.0.0 has been retracted as it was mistagged.

Changes of Note

  • Python support now requires at least version 3.5+ of Python and version 1.13 of Numpy.
  • filters.icp is no longer a plugin and provides options not previously available.
  • Linear algebra that was using single-precision math is now using double-precision math.
  • Support was added for GDAL version 3+.
  • PCL support has been removed. PCD read/write and filters.icp is now natively supported. The PCL filters have been moved to the unsupported-plugins repository for those that might need functionality they provided.
  • PDAL now uses a JSON library that doesn't support comments. If your pipelines contain non-standard JSON, they will no longer be accepted.
  • PDAL now supports GCC 9.2, clang 8.0.1 and Visual Studio 17

New Stages

  • filters.covariancefeatures computes statistics about features of points in a neighborhood. (#2455 - Thanks!)
  • readers.e57 reads the E57 format. (#2442 - Thanks!)
  • writers.e57 writes the E57 format. (#2442 - Thanks!)
  • writers.gltf provides simple glTF mesh output support. (#2643)
  • filters.reciprocity computes the percentage of points that are considered uni-directional. (#2504 - @chambbj)
  • filters.miniball computes a criterion for neighbors based on the miniball algorithm. (#2504 - @chambbj)
  • filters.planefit computes a deviation of a point from a manifold approximating its neighbors. (#2504 - @chambbj)
  • readers.memory provides an API interface for direct reading of row-oriented point data. (#2620)
  • filters.projpipeline processes point through a PROJ pipeline. (#2626 - Thanks @vilaa!)

Deprecated Stages

Removed Stages

  • filters.mongus
  • filters.kdistance
  • readers.greyhound


  • readers.mrsid now supports more recent versions of the Mr. Sid SDK. (#2460)
  • readers.tiledb and writers.tiledb now support stream mode processing. It also supports an append option.
  • readers.ept now accepts an optional \<spatial reference> after the bounds specification in the bounds option to indicate the SRS of the provided boundary. (#2295)
  • filters.hag now supports interpolation from a TIN (triangulated network) of points. (#2520 - Thanks James McClain!)
  • filters.poisson now properly applies an inverse transform to points it creates. (#1840)
  • pdal --drivers now shows the file extensions associated with each driver. It also shows when stages are streamable. (#2571, #2528)
  • Some threaded execution has been added to readers.ept.
  • Alternate dimension names have been added for "Red", "Green" and "Blue" to better support PLY input. (#2570)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where data in a forwarded LAS VLR would be lost. (#2542)
  • Clear dimension list in filters.colorization to eliminate the possibility of writing invalid data. (#2487)
  • Delete code that removed control characters when converting to JSON. (#2355)
  • Fixed an issue where nested geometries were being written as invalid WKT in filter.hexbin. (#2507)
  • Fixed a segmentation fault in readers.bpf if the specified file didn't exist. (#2515)
  • Fixed an issue in writers.gdal where interpolation would terminate if the process hit the raster edge. (#2545)
  • Fixed an issue writing JSON when characters needed to be escaped. (#2558)
  • Delaunay triangulation no longer segfaults with fewer than three points. (#2513)
  • Issues with reading binary data with filters.ept have been fixed. (#2585)
  • pdal now errors if an option is provided that wasn't expected. (#2574)
  • Forwarding for scale with multiple LAS inputs was fixed. (#2663)
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