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/* | License: MIT */
namespace Kanbani;
// array_column(), Throwable, ??.
if (version_compare(PHP_VERSION, "7.0.0", "<")) {
$msg = "Kanbani Web Viewer requires PHP 7+.";
if (!ini_get("display_errors")) {
echo $msg;
throw new \RuntimeException($msg);
require_once "helpers.php";
$context = initializeGlobal();
// To enable creation of form submit buttons that pass more than one parameter,
// the ?do parameter is itself an URL-encoded string: ?do=export%26format%3Dtxt.
// do's query takes precedence over regular $_REQUEST members:
// <input name="format" value="will be overridden">
// <button name="do" value="export&format=txt">
$task = strtok(($context->request + ["do" => "viewBoard"])["do"], "&");
parse_str(strtok(null), $additional);
$context->request = $additional + $context->request;
$served = $context->hooks->trigger("serve_$task");
if ($served === null) {
throw new PublicException("Nobody could handle your request.");