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/* This plugin displays a user friendly page on uncaught PHP exceptions. */
set_exception_handler(function ($exception) use ($context) {
while (ob_get_level()) {
ini_get("display_errors") == 1 ? ob_end_flush() : ob_end_clean();
error_log(sprintf("%s in %s:%d\n%s",
$exception->getFile(), $exception->getLine(),
"bodyAttributes" => ["class" => "middle body_full"],
"body" => $context->hooks->template("exception", [
"exception" => $exception,
"showMessage" =>
($exception instanceof Kanbani\PublicException) ||
($exception instanceof Kanbani\SyncFileException) ||
($exception instanceof Kanbani\QrCodeException) ||
$context->hooks->register("echo_exception", function (array $vars) {
// $exception
// $showMessage
<article class="ex middle__out">
<div class="ex__wr middle__in">
<?php if ($showMessage) {?>
<?php } else {?>
<h1><?=$this("No way!")?></h1>
"You hit an unexpected %s – contact us for assistance.",
htmlspecialchars(preg_replace('/([a-z])([A-Z])/', '\1 \2', basename(get_class($exception))))
<?php }?>
<?php if (ini_get("display_errors") == 1) {?>
<textarea readonly class="ex__trace light-shade block-area">
in <?=htmlspecialchars($exception->getFile().":".$exception->getLine())?>
<?php }?>