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Release notes


Bug fixes

  • fixed crash that could happend when calling reconfigureRecogizers on RecognizerRunnerView

Improvements for existing features

  • added support for nonstandard pdf417 barcodes which wrongly encode number of data codewords

Minor API changes

  • PointSetView is now in com.microblink.view.viewfinder.points package
  • BarcodeFormat has been renamed to BarcodeType
  • USDLRecognizer has been renamed to UsdlRecognizer
  • updated BarcodeRecognizer:
    • casing of several methods has been updated: setScanPdf417, setScanQrCode, setScanDataMatrix, setScanEan13, setScanEan8, bsetScanItf, setScanUpca, setScanUpce
    • setUncertainDecoding renamed to setScanUncertain
    • setInverseScanning renamed to setScanInverse


  • new API, which is not backward compatible. Please check README and updated demo applications for more information, but the gist of it is:
    • RecognizerView has been renamed to RecognizerRunnerView and Recognizer singleton to RecognizerRunner
    • Pdf417ScanActivity has been renamed to BarcodeScanActivity
    • previously internal Recognizer objects are not internal anymore - instead of having opaque RecognizerSettings and RecognizerResult objects, you now have stateful Recognizer object that contains its Result within and mutates it while performing recognition. For more information, see README and updated demo applications
    • added RecognizerRunnerFragment with support for various scanning overlays in a manner similar to iOS API. This now allows you to use built-in UI, which was previously strictly available for Pdf417ScanActivity, in form of fragment anywhere within your activity. Full details are given in README and in updated demo applications.
  • new licence format, which is not backward compatible. Full details are given in README and in updated applications, but the gist of it is:
    • licence can now be provided with either file, byte array or base64-encoded bytes


  • LibPDF417 is now fully ProGuard-compatible, i.e. you no longer need to exclude com.microblink.** classes in your ProGuard configuration
  • removed support for Android 2.3 and Android 4.0 - minimum required Android version is now Android 4.1 (API level 16)
  • removed support for armeabi devices and ARMv7 devices without NEON SIMD support
    • support for ARMv7 devices with NEON support still remains
  • prefixed custom attributes to avoid name collisions with attributes from other libraries:
    • CameraViewGroup: renamed animateRotation to mb_animateRotation, animationDuration to mb_animationDuration, rotatable to mb_rotatable
    • BaseCameraView: renamed initialOrientation to mb_initialOrientation, aspectMode to mb_aspectMode


  • fixed UnsatisfiedLinkError that happened on pre-Lollipop devices and was introduced in v6.2.1
  • optimised native binary size
    • 23% size reduction for arm64-v8a ABI
    • 18% size reduction for armeabi ABI
    • 30% size reduction for armeabi-v7a ABI
    • 22% size reduction for x86 and x86_64 ABIs
  • removed mips and mips64 native binaries for two reasons
    • code size optimisations did not work for those ABIs
    • no known Android device uses those ABIs


  • fixed rotated camera preview on Panasonic A2 tablet


  • fixed autofocus issue on US version of Samsung devices that received Android N update
  • added support for scanning barcodes on SIM cards


  • removed RecognizerView method setInitialScanningPaused. For achieving the same functionality, method pauseScanning should be used.
  • added support for cancelling ongoing DirectAPI recognition call
  • added support for Android 7 multi-window mode
  • fixed autofocus bug on Huawei Honor 8
  • fixed black camera on Motorola Moto Z
  • made camera focusing more stable on some devices
    • stable means less "jumpy" when searching for focused image


  • fixed camera management on LG X Cam
  • fixed crash on some devices when using ImageListener


  • removed support for parsing US Driver's license barcodes
    • if you need USDL parsing feature, please upgrade to our BlinkID product
    • you are still able to scan PDF417 barcodes using the PDF417 recognizer, but it will only raw barcode contents, not the parsed license data
  • LibRecognizer.aar renamed to LibPdf417Mobi.aar
  • renamed to
  • workaround for camera bug on some samsung devices
  • migrated to libc++ native runtime and used clang from NDKr13b for building the native code
    • this enabled c++14 features which will help us yield much better performance in the future


  • added support for Alberta (Canada) DL
  • enabled reading of longer ITF barcodes



  • small camera fixes
  • support for North Carolina driver licenses
  • default value for RecognitionSettings option allowMultipleScanResultsOnSingleImage is now true, which means that it is by default possible to obtain multiple recognition results from the same image, produced by different recognizers


  • fixed autofocus bug on LG G4
  • fixed blinking torch problem on SGS6, Nexus 5X, LG G4 and similar new devices that use camera2 API


  • FailedDetectionMetadata, PointsDetectionMetadata and QuadDetectionMetadata have been replaced with DetectionMetadata which now holds a DetectorResult
    • DetectorResult is more flexible as it allows more different detection types to be added in future
  • fixed several possible crashes in camera management
  • fixed autofocus bug on LG devices when metering areas or non-default zoom level were set


  • reconfigureRecognizers method now throws an error if phone does not have autofocus and at least one of new recognizers require it
  • raw resources are now packed as assets
  • fixed bug with isScanningPaused which sometimes returned bogus value and caused scanning to work even if initial scanning was set to be paused
  • support for scanning custom camera frames via DirectAPI
  • fixed bug on some devices causing it to never start scanning if device was not shaken
  • improved Frame Quality Estimation on low-end devices (fixed regression introduced in v4.5.0)


  • support detecting on activity flip event
  • added RecognizerCompatibility to javadoc
  • fixed NPE in BarcodeDetailedData


  • improved performance of conversion of Image object into Bitmap
  • fixed crash that could be caused by quickly restarting camera activity
  • fixed bug in camera layout in certain aspect ratios of camera view
  • fixed bug in handling setMeteringAreas
  • setMeteringAreas now receives boolean indicating whether set areas should be rotated with device
  • added support for specifying camera aspect mode from XML


  • new API which is easier to understand, but is not backward compatible. Please check README and updated demo applications for more information.
  • added support for Android 6.0 and it's runtime camera permissions
    • if using provided Pdf417ScanActivity, the logic behind asking user to give camera permission is handled internally
    • if integrating using custom UI, you are required to ask user to give you permission to use camera. To make this easier, we have provided a CameraPermissionManager class which does all heavylifting code about managing states when asking user for camera permission. Refer to demo apps to see how it is used.
  • SDK now depends on appcompat-v7 library
  • completely rewritten JNI bridge between native code and Java which resulted in big performance improvement
  • fixed camera orientation bug on Nexus 5X
  • Bitmap processed by DirectAPI is not recycled anymore after use
    • this gives you ability to reuse existing Bitmap
  • fixed bug that caused rare irrational stop of scanning while keeping camera active
  • in RecognizerView, there is now method setInitialScanningPaused which allows defining whether initial start of camera will prevent automatic start of scanning
    • this is useful if you want to display onboarding help over camera
  • pauseScanning and resumeScanning methods are now counted, i.e. if you call pauseScanning twice, you also need to call resumeScanning twice to actually resume scanning
    • this is very useful if you have multiple onboarding views where each wants to pause scanning while it is being displayed and wants to resume scanning after it is dismissed
  • IMPORTANT onScanningDone does not automatically pause scanning anymore. Scanning is resumed automatically immediately after onScanningDone method ends.
    • if you want to prevent such behaviour, you need to call pauseScanning in your implementation of onScanningDone
    • automatic resume does not reset internal scanning state. If you need that, call resetRecognitionState in your implementation of onScanningDone.
  • fixed ZXing recognizer not obeying scanning region when recognising 1D barcodes in portrait orientation


  • fixed autofocus issue on devices that do not support continuous autofocus
  • support for defining camera video resolution preset
    • to define video resolution preset via Intent, use Pdf417ScanActivity.EXTRAS_CAMERA_VIDEO_PRESET
    • to define video resolution preset on RecognizerView, use method setVideoResolutionPreset


  • improved USDL barcode parsing
    • better handling of FullName, FullAddress, Height and Weight of cardholder
  • fixed race condition causing memory leak or rare crashes
  • fixed NullPointerException in BaseCameraView.dispatchTouchEvent
  • fixed bug that caused returning scan result from old video frame
  • fixed NullPointerException in camera2 management
  • fixed rare race condition in gesture recognizer
  • fixed segmentation fault on recognizer reconfiguration operation
  • fixed freeze when camera was being quickly turned on and off
  • ensured RecognizerView lifecycle methods are called on UI thread
  • ensure onCameraPreviewStarted is not called if camera is immediately closed after start before the call should have taken place
  • ensure onScanningDone is not called after RecognizerView has been paused, even if it had result ready just before pausing
  • added support for using as camera capture API. To do that, implement following:
    • when using RecognizerView do not call setRecognitionSettings or call it with null or empty array
    • implement ImageListener interface and set the listener with setImageListener
    • as a reminder - you can process video frames obtained that way using DirectAPI method recognizeImageWithSettings
  • added Pdf417MobiDirectAPIDemo demo app that demonstrates how to perform scanning of Android Bitmaps
  • all demo apps now use Maven integration method because it is much easier than importing AAR manually


  • fixed segfault in USDL parser
  • fixed parsing of some Canadian driver's licenses


  • fixed NullPointerException when RecognizerSettings array element was null


  • utilize Camera2 API on devices that support it to achieve much better frame grabbing performance
  • new algorithm for determining which video frame is of good enough quality to be processed - it uses much less memory than last one and works in separate thread so it does not impact image recognition thread
    • this results in much better and faster scanning performance
  • support for defining camera metering areas that will camera use to perform focus, exposure and white balance measurement.
  • bitmaps can now be processed while RecognizerView is active using method [recognizeBitmap](, com.microblink.hardware.orientation.Orientation, com.microblink.view.recognition.ScanResultListener))
  • removed method resumeScanningWithoutStateReset - method resumeScanning now receives boolean indicating whether internal state should be reset
  • by default, null quiet zone is now set to true in US Driver's License recognizer
  • fixed rare crash when scanning PDF417 barcodes
  • added support for returning location of detected PDF417 barcode with getPositionOnImage
  • in ZXingRecognizer added option to use slower, but more thorough scan algorithm


  • fixed extraction of street address and customer name from some US Driver Licenses
  • fixed crash when scanning specific PDF417 barcodes


  • fixed camera orientation bug on Samsung GT-S5570I (regression from version 3.3.0)


  • fixed crash in Direct API when recognizer was terminated in the middle of recognition process


  • added support for arm64, x86_64, mips and mip64 processor architectures


  • fixed bug in ITF barcode decoder


  • fixed camera orientation detection when RecognizerView is not initialized with Activity context


  • fixed decoding error of certain PDF417 barcodes


  • support for defining camera aspect mode via intent
  • removed autoscale setting from USDL and PDF417 recognizers - autoscale is now always used in those recognizers


  • ability to control camera zoom level
  • fixed NPE when null SuccessCallback was given


  • improved parsing of some problematic US Driver's Licence barcodes


  • added new format of licence key
  • support for magnetic stripe standard in USDL barcodes


  • added support for Mississippi driver's licenses


  • completely rewritten API for defining settings and obtaining results which is easier to use; see README for details
  • optimized library size - native library is now 2 MB per platform smaller than before
  • Pdf417MobiView renamed to RecognizerView
  • added support for Nvidia Tegra 2 devices, whilst preserving NEON acceleration on other ARMv7 devices
  • Android studio and gradle are now recommended - demo apps are now only provided for Android studio, Eclipse is supported only via documentation, see README for details
  • added direct API for direct recognition of Bitmap images, without the need for camera


  • Fixed very obscure issue with decoding pdf417 barcodes
  • fixed crash with missing AutofocusFail string
  • AutofocusListener now has callbacks onAutofocusStarted and onAutofocusStopped that allow you to draw focus animation on your custom UI


  • fixed camera orientation bug for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830M


  • support for tablets that have inverse landscape natural display orientation (currently only Sprint Optik 2 supported)


  • support for aspect fill camera mode, check README for instructions


  • fixed race condition at camera initialization on some Android devices (HTC One M8)


  • added support for embedding Pdf417MobiView into custom activity
  • Pdf417MobiView is now just a camera view that can be embedded anywhere, you just need to pass activity's lifecycle events to it, see README for more details


  • fixed crash on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other Tegra 2 SoC (i.e. removed NEON support) - NOTE: this fix is temporary, soon we will drop support for Tegra 2 and other ARMv7-based SoCs that do not support NEON
  • removed progress bar callback and simplified creation of custom UI


  • added API for parsing US Driver's License data from PDF417 barcodes
  • PDF417 scanning improvements
  • bugfixes


  • fixed focusing issue on HTC One V


  • support for obtaining multiple scan results from single camera frame

  • API change:

    • onScanningDone method in BaseBarcodeActivity now receives list of scanning results instead of single scanning result
    • this list can have zero, one or more scan results
    • if multiple barcode recognizers are turned on and shouldAllowMultipleScanResultsOnSingleImage method of Pdf417MobiSettings returns true, list can have multiple scan data, otherwise it will have at most one element (similar behaviour as before)
  • new key has been added for retrieving list of recognised objects via intent: BaseBarcodeActivity.EXTRAS_RESULT_LIST

    • you can obtain the list with following snippet:

        ArrayList<Pdf417MobiScanData> dataList = getIntent().getExtras().getParcelableArrayList(BaseBarcodeActivity.EXTRAS_RESULT_LIST);
  • by default, taking screenshots of camera activity is now allowed (until now it was disabled by default and could be overriden with custom implementation of onConfigureWindow)

  • added support for x86 devices


  • support for entering premium license key that can be used with multiple application package names


  • added support for changing camera activity's background color


  • new format of license key
  • fixed race condition in focus management
  • improved support for Code128 and Code39 barcodes


  • fixed camera orientation bug on Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i


  • fixed ProGuard compile warnings


  • various bugfixes and performance improvements, especially when scanning uncertain PDF417 barcodes
  • non UTF-8 string JNI transfer support:
    • if string is not UTF-8, instead of showing "Invalid UTF-8 string", part of the string that can be decoded will be decoded as ASCII bytes


  • added support for setting scanning region


  • initial support for Data Matrix and Aztec 2D barcodes


  • fixed bug which caused camera on Nexus 7 not being detected
  • fixed wrong detection location drawing when front facing camera is being used


  • various bugfixes
  • added support for scanning inverted barcodes


  • very important bugfix release
  • this version does not use R class for referencing resources from within binary jar - this means that from now on library can be repacked into another android library project; this also means that PhoneGap integration will now be easier and AppCelerator Titanium intergration has been made possible


  • support for having title bar and status bar in camera activity
  • support for custom activity window configuration (added overridable method onConfigureWindow to BaseCameraActivity)
  • support for library license keys (key that supports multiple application package names)
  • Added option to scan barcodes which don't have quiet zone around them
  • Improved scanning algorithm
  • fixed crash on Android 4.4 ART when trying to show content of barcode that cannot be read as UTF8 string


  • support for having camera activity in landscape mode - extended support to Android 2.1 devices (fixing Samsung Galaxy Mini issues)


  • new simpler API
  • better support for custom user interface
  • ability to scan multiple barcodes without closing camera activity (from custom UI only)
  • added torch control button to default demo app
  • PDF417CustomUIDemo contains example of controlling camera torch and example of scanning multiple barcodes without closing camera activity
  • documentation updates
  • support for scanning damaged and non-standard PDF417 barcodes - if barcode checksum is not correct, returned result is marked as "uncertain"


  • autofocus and flash features are now optional (play store app now supports much more devices)


  • better and faster barcode detection
  • faster detection and decoding performance
  • additional bugfixes


  • adding support for front facing cameras
  • fixed memory leaks


  • fixed race condition in detection display


  • support for micro PDF417 standard


  • support for reading raw barcode data
  • support for reading damaged and non-standard PDF417 barcodes


  • support for case insensitive package matching when checking for license key
  • added release notes


  • added API for enabling 1D barcode scanning
  • scan popup can be now removed even when using free non-commercial license


  • support for reading PDF417 with error correction 0 and 1
  • better support for Sony Xperia S
  • fixed 'invalid license key' bug when resuming application from background


  • Initial release
  • Scanning support for pdf417 and QR code