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A sample WebViewer app in Cordova.
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WebViewer - Cordova sample

WebViewer is a powerful JavaScript-based PDF Library that's part of the PDFTron PDF SDK. It provides a slick out-of-the-box responsive UI that interacts with the core library to view, annotate and manipulate PDFs that can be embedded into any web project.

WebViewer UI

This repo is specifically designed for any users interested in integrating WebViewer into Cordova project. This project was generated with Cordova CLI. See Create your first Cordova app for more information.

** If you want offline support, you must use Custom server instead. You can view the offline sample in the offline branch.

Initial setup

Before you begin, make sure your development environment includes Node.js and Cordova CLI.


git clone
cd webviewer-cordova-sample
npm install


npm start

To run in platforms other than browser, You can refer to official Cordova guides:

WebViewer APIs

See API documentation.


See contributing.


See license.

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