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Scientific computing with Perl

Basic/Core/ - avoid negative repeat count warning in PDL::dummy()

As of 5.21, negative repeat counts generate a warning.
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sisyphus sisyphus authored
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Basic Basic/Core/ - avoid negative repeat count warning in PDL::dummy()
Demos a little bit more cleaning of Makefile.PL files
Doc fix a bug with empty 'ref' sections leading to error messages; support
Example use strict/warnings, fix revealed problems
Graphics Fix bug #353 imag2d not 'use warnings' safe...
IO a little bit more cleaning of Makefile.PL files
Lib Merge commit 'c13892fff373e9728c447bd5cf76aa67031823d7'
Perldl2 Remove unnecessary circular dep on subdirs that broke on nmake
cygwin Minor tweaks to some INSTALL/READMEs
debian update debian/perldl.conf from perldl.conf
inc Makefile.PL should not use shebang line
macosx Revert "Add imag2d_update to PDL::Graphics2D EXPORTs"
t Don't commit debugging code
utils Fix syntax error from typo
win32 win32/INSTALL - documentation amendment
.gitignore Update .gitignore
.travis.yml dump file contents
Bugs.pod Move BUGS to Bugs.pod for discoverable documentation
COPYING Updated some top level docs and added some cygwin config example files
Changes_CVS Move Chages to Chances_CVS to prep for git log
DEPENDENCIES Update docs for release.
DEVELOPMENT Update some old links in the documentation.
INSTALL Update VERSION to 2.4.10_006 for final PDL-2.4.11 fixes
Known_problems Update VERSION to 2.007_12 for more development
MANIFEST Update MANIFEST (fix bug #373)
Makefile.PL "coretest" to build PDL::LiteF's Core Gen Ops Primitive Ufunc Slices Bad Update docs/readme-type info for PDL-2.4.10_001 release
README Final updates and Release_Notes for PDL-2.007 release
Release_Notes Update VERSION to 2.007_12 for more development
TODO Update Known_problems and TODO
m51.fits emoved COMMENT field (breaks legacy fits code)
pdl.c pdl.c no need to be .PL
pdldoc Fix executable perms on files
perldl Fix executable perms on files
perldl.conf Fix executable perms on files


++ WARNING: There is absolutely no warranty for this software ++
++ package. See the file COPYING for details.                 ++

Important reading

Please check the following files for further information
*BEFORE* sending us your questions:

INSTALL 		Basic installation instructions

INTERNATIONALIZATION    Notes re PDL i18n issue and status

DEPENDENCIES		Other software that PDL relies on (and where to get it)

Release_Notes		A list of features or issues with regard to the
                        current version, always worth checking!

Known_problems	 	Check before you report problems

BUGS.pod		How to make a bug report, PDL::Bugs

perldl.conf		PDL configuration options

Basic/Pod/FAQ.pod 	The FAQ in pod format
			Try 'perldoc PDL::FAQ' after installation.

			A quick overview of PDL
			Try 'perldoc PDL::QuickStart' after installation.

                        A discussion of the bad value support in PDL

DEVELOPMENT		How to participate in the development of PDL

*NOTE*  Most PDL documentation is available online within the PDL shell,
        pdl2 (or perldl).  Try the help command within either shell.

PDL -- the package
The Perl Data Language (a.k.a. PerlDL or PDL) project aims to turn perl
into an efficient numerical language for scientific computing. The PDL
module gives standard perl the ability to COMPACTLY store and SPEEDILY
manipulate the large N-dimensional data sets which are the bread and
butter of scientific computing.  e.g. $a=$b+$c can add two 2048x2048
images in only a fraction of a second.

The aim is to provide tons of useful functionality for scientific and
numeric analysis.

Check the pdl web site at for more information.

Please read the file INSTALL for information on how to
configure and install PDL.  The Release_Notes and Known_problems
files contain important version specific information.  Be *sure*
to read Known_problems if you have any INSTALL issues.

Once you have built PDL and either installed it or done
'make doctest', try either

	perl -Mblib Perldl2/pdl2

from within the root of the PDL tree or just

if you have installed PDL already ('make install') to get the
interactive PDL shell.  In this shell, 'help' gives you
access to PDL documentation for each function separately
('help help' for more about this) and 'demo' gives you some
basic examples of what you can do.

Bug Reports
You can check the existing PDL bugs on sourceforge at

The mailing list archives can be searched/read at

Questions about problems and possible bugs can be discussed
via the perldl mailing list.  This is very useful if you are
not sure what you have is a bug or not.  For example, the list
is the place to go for install problems.

If you need to post a problem report, and after checking with
the perldl list that it *is* a bug, please use the
tracker system following the guidance in the BUGS file:

Directory structure:

Basic/	   - The stuff that PDL would be no use without
Demos/     - Showcase for PDL, type demo at the perldl prompt.
Doc/       - Modules for building/using the PDL documentation database
Example/   - Sample programs using PDL
Graphics/  - The stuff that PDL needs to make pictures
IO/	   - The stuff that PDL needs to write and read strange files
Lib/	   - The stuff that PDL would still be useful without but
	       which makes PDL even more useful
Perldl2/   - The PDL shell version 2 source and development
TestTools/ - Tools for testing PDL
cygwin/    - Platform specific information
debian/    - Platform specific information
inc/       - Local module directory for PDL build process development
macosx/    - Platform specific information
t/         - PDL tests directory
utils/     - Utilities relating to PDL
win32/     - Platform specific information

Comments are welcome - so are volunteers to write code and documentation!
Please contact the developers mailing list
(subscription address: with ideas
and suggestions.

  The pdl-porters team.

Compilation Reports:
The CPAN Testers' result page provides a database showing the results
of compiling PDL and many other CPAN packages on multiple platforms.
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