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/* README - README file for KLH10 Distribution
/* $Id: klh10.rdm,v 2.2 2001/11/10 10:41:40 klh Exp $
/*  Copyright © 2001 Kenneth L. Harrenstien
**  All Rights Reserved
**  This file is part of the KLH10 Distribution.  Use, modification, and
**  re-distribution is permitted subject to the terms in the file
**  named "LICENSE", which contains the full text of the legal notices
**  and should always accompany this Distribution.

Please read the LICENSE file for the full license terms.  Although
there are no specific restrictions on use of this software, some rules
do apply for modification and re-distribution.  Note that these terms
do not apply to files in the "run" and "contrib" directories, which
may have each have different terms and are distributed separately to
avoid licensing complications (see the READaux file if you have
extracted the Auxiliary Distribution).

While not part of the license terms, I would like to ask that any
commercial or institutional users who derive benefit from this
software consider arranging for a modest support agreement.  Without
the income from a handful of commercial licensees, it would have been
completely impossible to justify the time that went into developing
and testing this product.

Of course, this software comes "as is" with no guarantees whatsoever,
and with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  This is particularly true for this
Distribution, which is NOT the same as the V1.x commercial version; I
took the opportunity to make several substantial cleanups and
additions which have yet to be thoroughly verified and tested.  There
are still some known issues with certain platforms, but I've decided
to proceed with this release now rather than postpone it indefinitely
in the perpetual pursuit of perfection.


Now, if you're the impatient type who wants to get on with it, go
straight to:


But if you're the rarity who likes to read everything first, I
recommend starting with:


Please send me any bug fixes (preferably conditionalized for clarity),
as well as any ideas for improving the distribution itself.
Undoubtedly there will be many.  I can't promise I will be able to
incorporate all of them in a timely fashion since my clients and
family will always have first priority, but will do my best.


Net:   <>
Snail: 759 Torreya Court, Palo Alto, CA 94303-4160



    I'm not sure where to put this but figure the README is
    prominent enough.

While I am responsible for all of the KLH10 software and documentation
as of this distribution, there were many people along the way who,
whether they knew it or not, helped make it happen.  Everyone who uses
this software owes them a debt of gratitude!

First, the list from the original KS10 version:

    Stu Grossman, for convincing me that a C version was feasible.
    Alan Bawden & Dave Moon, who (apart from their already legendary
	roles in ITS) helped as much as they could without actually
	being there.
    Jay Verkler, who provided a MIT-AI lab environment within Oracle.
    And everyone else on the ITS-LOVERS and TOPS-20 lists whose messages
	and actions have helped keep PDP-10s alive.
    Mark Crispin, without whom it would never have run TOPS-20.
    Rob Austein, for lots of network and porting help; the "tun" IMP code
	is based on his work.

Now, for the KL10 version:

    Andy Riebs and Maurice Marks, who championed the KL project at DEC.
    Larry Sendlosky, who more than anyone else is responsible for
	the success of the KL10 version.  While at DEC he dug up
	whatever was needed, built and tested innumerable configurations,
	and went into the field to pitch and support the emulator.
    Doug and Christina Engelbart, and the rest of the Bootstrap group,
	for preserving the SRI-NIC DEC-2065 just long enough.  Without
	a working KL and filesystem it would have been much harder.
    Duane Winkler, for taking a chance.
    Bill Parsons, David Alspaugh, Dennis Horn, Holly Sue White, 
    Jim Saleh, Mary Coppernoll, Raylene Pak, Tom Jenkins, Tom Saleh,
	and many unknown others for using it and shaking the bugs out.

And finally:

    Doug Humphrey, who supported the merge and Public ITS work.
    Bob Supnik, who made it possible to release the sources.
    Lars Brinkhoff, for inspiration and release testing.
    Tim Shoppa, for his preservation efforts and release hosting.
If I've inadvertently left anyone off, please let me know.

Thanks again!


Community maintained version of Kenneth L. Harrenstien's PDP-10 emulator.








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