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Jul 25 2019

Meetup notes

  • NodeBots event: advertised as NodeBots Day and Robot Talent Show
  • Around 20 people, in 6 teams, took up three tables at Ctrl-h.
  • Attendees appreciated having a specific focus, and came up with a variety of more complex movements
  • Led by @samrocksc, @mberka and Michael Cole assisting with electronics.


  • Had ~8 Arduino Uno boards and a Nano, all flashed with StandardFirmataPlus firmware at the last moment. Difficulties using Arduino on Linux, @mberka used VSCode + PlatformIO.

Reflections, Improvements to be made

  • Attendees liked the light-hearted custom certificates. Great work Sam and Michael!
  • Minor technical challenges for some teams involving johnny-five and the node-bots-workshop tutorial.
  • Feedback was very positive and attendees cleaned up after themselves thoroughly.
  • Need to see whether anything longer-term can be done with the equipment.
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