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updated goals for Dec. 3

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# Goals for Nov. 12th
# Goals for Dec. 3rd

We're progressing through a series of Python courses on [](
Learning path: _Become a Python Developer_

This week we're taking the next course a bit out of order to give folks more exposure to Python fundamentals.
Our focus on Python fundamentals continues (along with taking the courses a bit out of order).

* Watch **course 3** in the series: _Learning Python_
Make it as far as you can, but it's okay if you don't finish
* Work through examples using []( for easier visualization
* Watch **course 4** in the series: _Python Essential Training_
* You can skip the final section on databases; we will cover that topic at a later time.
* This is a 4-hour course, so we will likely review the material over a span of 2 meetups. Don't worry if you aren't able to finish.
* Don't be shy about asking questions in Slack: {{< slackjoinrequest >}}

Access to is available for free through local library memberships:

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