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# **Goals for Tuesday the 14th:** #
# **Goals for Tuesday the 21st:** #
<!-- UL -->
* Keep practicing with Flask and SQL. Next week we'll have a presentation about PostgreSQL!
* Keep working on Project 1
* [Project 1 details](
* If you haven't yet, watch up to Lecture 3
* Use [Flask Mega Tutorial]( or [Corey Schafer's Youtube Series]( to help you fill in the blanks and supplement the Harvard lectures.
* If you haven't yet, watch up to Lecture 3. Don't worry about watching Lecture 4, yet.
* [Lecture 3 on youtube](
* Ask questions on Slack about Flask or any other challenges that arise
* Ask questions on Slack about Flask, SQL, share resources, consider submitting changes to the website.

#### Topics we are learning about right now in this Meetup: Git, Git Bash, GitHub, Flask, HTML, CSS, Sass, Python, Web Apps, Bootstrap, Hugo, SQL... ####

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