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* [VisuAlgo]( - Animated visuals of data structures and algorithms
* [Python Module of the Week]( - Series of articles to demonstrate how to use the modules of the Python 3 standard library
* [Real Python]( - Loads and loads of helpful articles, tutorials, and more
* [Flask Mega Tutorial]( - a comprehensive introduction to creating Flask projects
* [PythonAnywhere]( - Run python programs in a cloud instance
* [Python Articles]( ) - Python stories worth reading about programming and technology from our open source community.

# Web Application Tools
* [Flask]( - Official project site with documentation and tutorial
* [Flask Mega Tutorial]( - a comprehensive introduction to creating Flask projects
* [Flask-RESTPlus]( - Chris' favorite library for building REST APIs with Flask
* [Jinja Project site]( - Jinja documentation
* [SQLAlchemy]( - SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper
* [Django Web Framework]( - a very popular and powerful framework with "everything in the box"
* [Pyramid Web Framework]( - a "goldilocks" framework that falls between the micro and mega frameworks
* [Postman HTTP client]( - API client tool with a load of features for transmitting payloads over HTTP

# HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
* [MDN Web docs]( - Mozilla Developer Network guides
* [W3 Schools]( - World's largest web developer site

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