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SlideDeck - A slide deck engine

A plugin for famous-views.

Create your fluid and beautiful collaborative slides with & Meteor.js within seconds.

Example of slides



Starts with the usual and add some packages:

meteor create myslides
cd myslides
mkdir client
meteor add gadicohen:famous-views pierreeric:fview-slidedeck
# From here you can choose your favorite provider, mine is Raix's one.
meteor add raix:famono

You can choose to write your slides with Blaze or with Maxime Quandalle's Jade.

meteor add mquandalle:jade

And then in client directory, create as many Blaze or Jade file as you want which will contain your template named with slideXX, where XX is an Number and act as your route to your slide content:

  +Surface size='[900, undefined]' align='[.5, .5]' origin='[.5, .5]'
    h2 Meetup Famous
    h1 Physic engine
    .footer PEM : Pierre-Eric Marchandet

  +Surface size='[900, undefined]' align='[.5, .5]' origin='[.5, .5]'
    h2 Meetup Famous - Chapter 1
    p Let us start with the basic...
    .footer PEM : Pierre-Eric Marchandet


That's it! Additional layouts, themes and transitions coming soon.


3 examples are provided in the Github repository:

  • Example 01: Used for a meetup in Paris, each slide is a jade file.
  • Example 02: A reproduction of the former example, this time, all slides are in a single jade file.
  • Example 03: The slides are now using a different layout which looks like Impress.js.



Take a look at lib/layout.jade. You can copy and paste this and make your own custom layout Template called layout. If we detect that on load, we'll automatically use it instead of defaultLayout, and still add our same helpers onto it for your use.


A basic theme is provided for a nice display out of the box. You can easily customize it with CSS, LESS, Stylus or in CoffeeScript using CSSC.