Animated dot loader for Meteor's famous-views.
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DotLoader - Animated dot loader

A plugin for famous-views.

This plugin brings animated dot loader in Blaze or Jade templating for Meteor.js.

This loader for is inspired from the work of LeXXiK and Tony Alves in

demo: fview-dotloader


meteor add pierreeric:fview-dotloader

Template in Jade (Blaze works fine too 😉):

+StateModifier align='[.5, .5]' origin='[.5, .5]' size='[75, 75]'

Available attributes and their defaults are:

  • height: 75
  • dotsNumber: 7
  • dotD: 10
  • delay: 150
  • isBgVisible: true
  • bgClass: 'dotloader-background'
  • dotClass: 'dotloader-dots'

And add the CSS:

.dotloader-background' {
  background-color: green;
  border-radius: 5px;
.dotloader-dots {
  background-color: yellow;