A Sketch-app plugin that does a ”boolean” separate operation on two selected shapes. Like divide in Pathfinder in Adobe Illustrator.
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Separate Shapes

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A plugin for ”boolean” separating of overlapping shapes. Similar to divide in Adobe Illustrator's Pathfinder.




Install Separate Shapes with Sketchpacks

Or if you use Runner, it can install this plugin as well.

Or, do it manually:

  1. Download the ”To install” zip file from the latest release
  2. Unzip
  3. Double-click the .sketchplugin package.

How to use

Select two or more layers and select Separate Shapes from the Plugin menu.

When more than two shapes are selected the bottommost shape will be considered the base shape and every shape on top of the base will be separated, one at a time towards the base shape. That is, the non base shapes will not get seperataded from each other. Inspect the list of layers in the below screenshots, before and after the separation is done, and it might be clear what you can expect the plugin to do.

Multi-split demo