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Run the Exercism Clojure track with Full Interactive Programming in the browser

This is a Clojure template configured for running the Exercism Clojure Track in a zero-install fashion in your browser, leveraging Calva and Gitpod.

Exercism + Gitpod + Calva


Why would you want to use another web browser editor than the Exercism built in one? Because this one supports Interactive Programming (aka REPL Driven Development). It is one of Clojure's main super powers and if you are going to spend time learning Clojure, you probably also should learn the habits and the workflow that makes Clojure programmers so happy and effective.

How to use

  1. Copy this project by click the ”Use this Template” button.
    • Reading this from your newly created copy? Awesome.
  2. Open this link:
    • This will open the repository in a Gitpod workspace in the browser.
    • NB: If you don't have a Gitpod account, use the option to Sign-up with GitHub.
Using Safari?

Then the link probably won't work. Instead prepend the repository URL with and load that page.

It might take a little while, but it is well worth the wait, because in your browser you'll then have:

  • A Linux virtual machine with full root access and these things installed:
    • Java
    • The Clojure tools
    • VS Code (or Gitpod Code, actually)
      • With Calva (a Clojure extension)
    • The exercism command line tool
  • A workspace
    • Prepared for hosting your Exercism exercises
    • Gitpod Code started and a file opened, which will guide you in how to download and submit Exercism exercises.

See also

  • Get Started With Clojure - An introduction to Clojure and to Calva.
  • Rich 4Clojure - Another exercise/problem based way of learning Clojure. A very good complement to the Exercism Clojure track!


Please help keeping this template useful and helpful by provding issues and pull requests.

Also, please consider sponsoring my open source work: ❤️

The template

Wondering where the ”Use this Template” button is? You might be reading this from a copy of the template, which is here:



Free to use, modify and redistribute as you wish. 🍻🗽


Learn more Clojure and Interactive Programming with Exercism in the browser







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