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Personal Gentoo overlay

Keywords description

Throughout this overlay following keywords are used: Missing, Testing, Stable

Missing keywords ( ** ) are used for ebuilds, which are either not yet finished or simply broken. Accept missing keywords only if you feel adventurous or willing to help improving these. Some live ebuilds, while being functional, miss keywords due to their live nature and impossibility to guarantee their viability at every moment in time. Feel free to accept those, but be cautious.

Testing keywords ( ~arch ) signify that these ebuilds could possibly be built, or need some more work to be built. They may be compilable, but lacking some functionality. Alternatively they may be perfectly compilable, but having some dependencies in testing.

Stable keywords ( arch ) are given to ebuilds, which were at least compiled, installed and executed. Unfortunately it is impossible to verify each and every configuration, so they may still fail under some circumstances.

Add to your system

layman -a pf4public


Personal Gentoo overlay