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Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Access Information
  3. PG YouTube
  4. Configuration
  5. Summary

1. Intro

Jellyfin is an open-source fork of Emby that emerged as the Emby userbase became frustrated with many features being put behind the subscription model (Emby Premiere).

Info Notes
Quick Reference
PG Application Part of the Core Suite

JellyFin is a fork of Emby and serves as a great media alternative to Emby, Plex, and Kodi to provide media from a dedicated server to end-user devices via multiple apps.

Jellyfin is descended from the last open source release of Emby and ported to the .NET Core framework to enable full cross-platform support. There are no strings attached, no premium licenses or features, and no hidden agendas.

2. Access Information

Protocol Address Notes
traefik** jellyfin:9096 Only for Internal App-to-App Communication
https Traefik must be Deployed; Remote Servers
http Poor Security Practice - Stop with PG Port Guard
http ipv4:9096 Ideal Only for Local Servers

NOTE: Important ~

** Ideal for Apps to communicate between with one another. Click Here for more info!

3. PG YouTube

4. Configuration

i. Wizard Setup

The user will be present with a language selection. Set a language and select [NEXT].

The user must set a username. Type a username and select [NEXT].

ii. Setting Your Media Libraries

In general, this part is simple to setup. General paths used are:

  • /mnt/unionfs/tv
  • /mnt/unionfs/movies

Just keep in mind that other paths can be used. To make it simple, you can type the path in directly!

For the additional selections within, it's self explanatory. DO NOT turn on the chapter selections! This will tax your server and increase API calls if utilize GSuite!

iii. Additional User Generation

Start by manually creating the user account.

Start the process by selecting Users under Server as shown within the picture below. Select whether or not to enable access to all libraries prior to creating the user!

Afterwards, click the [Password] tab and set the password.

Additional User Settings

  1. First, set all the settings under the [Profile] tab of the user. Pay attention to the following areas:
  • Allow remote connections to this Jellyfin Server
  • Allow this user to manage the server
  • Internet streaming bitrate limit
  • Allow Deletion From
  • Remote Control
  • Hide this user from login screens (good to turn on for security)

When complete, select [Save]!

iv. Transcoding

Nothing yet, pending coding changes for choice selection

v. API Key Generation

Follow the steps to create an API Key for any apps if required!

  1. Click the Settings Icon
  2. On the left, scroll all the way down to Expert & Select [Advanced]

  1. In the top middle, select the [Security] Tab.

  1. Select the [+] symbol and type an application name and then press [OK].

  1. Now your API Key is created and is ready for use!

5. Summary

Jellyfin is a great open source alternative program compared to Emby! Check them both out and see which one is best for you! If you have any questions, please visit our forums at

Useful Starter Links

  1. Introduction
  2. Blitz YouTube Channel
  3. G-Suite Signup
  4. Recommended NewsHosts

Prior Planning 101

  1. Recommended Pre-Reading
  2. Server - Storage Planning
  3. Usenet or BitTorrent
  4. PG Editions
  5. PGBlitz Repos
  6. Common Issues

Deploy & Config

  1. SSH Server Access
  2. Create a SUDO User
  3. Install PGBlitz
  4. WatchTower
  5. Remote Path Mappings

Data Transport
  1. PG Clone
    1. Google OAuth Keys
    2. PG Move
    3. PG Blitz
    4. 2nd HD Option

Key Components

  1. Traefik
  2. Port Guard
  3. PG Shield
  4. PG Press
  5. Google Cloud - GCE
    1. Automated setup
  6. Hetzner Cloud
  7. PG Fork
  8. Extra PG Commands

Blitz App Info

  1. Accessing PG Apps
  2. App Port Scheme
  3. Plex to AutoScan

Tools & Services

Core Apps [Expand]
  1. Emby
  2. Jackett
  3. Jellyfin
  4. LazyLibrarian
  5. Lidarr
  6. Netdata
  7. NZBGet
  8. Ombi
  9. Plex
  10. Portainer
  11. qBittorrent
  12. Radarr
  13. RuTorrent
  15. Sonarr
  16. Tautulli
Community Apps [Expand]
  1. AirSonic
  2. AllTube
  3. Bazarr
  4. Beets
  5. Bitwarden
  6. BookSonic
  7. cAdvisor
  8. Cloud Commander
  9. DDClient
  10. Deezloaderremix
  11. Deluge
  12. DelugeVPN
  13. Duplicati
  14. EmbyStats
  15. FlexGet
  16. Gazee
  17. Gitea
  18. Handbrake
  19. Headphones
  20. Heimdall
  21. HomeAssistant
  22. HTPCManager
  23. JDownloader2
  24. jd2-openvpn
  25. Kitana
  26. Logarr
  27. MakeMKV
  28. MariaDB
  29. McMyadmin
  30. MEDUSA
  31. Mellow
  32. Monitorr
  33. Muximux
  34. Mylar
  35. NextCloud
  36. NowShowing
  37. NZBHydra2
  38. NZBThrottle
  39. Organizr
  40. pyLoad
  41. Radarr4k
  42. Resilio
  43. rflood-openvpn
  44. rutorrent-openvpn
  45. ShareSite
  46. Shoko Anime Server
  47. SpeedTest
  48. SyncLounge
  49. Syncthing
  50. The Lounge
  51. Transmission
  52. Trakt.or
  53. Ubooquity
  54. x TeVe
  55. Zammad

Misc Info & Articles

  1. Change Server Time
  2. Fail2Ban
  3. Custom Containers
  1. Scripting Area
    1. Auto Upload for Sonarr and Lidarr
    2. Auto Delete Log
    3. Plex Plugin DB Backup
    4. Plex fast BACKUP
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