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Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Instructions
  3. CraftBukkit and Spigot install

1. Intro

McMyAdmin is the leading web control panel and administration console for Minecraft servers, trusted by over 75000 server admins and more than 35 different service providers. McMyAdmin makes it easy for you to control your Minecraft servers via it's straight forward user interface and mobile apps.

2. Instructions


Includes McMyAdmin front end and built-in (standard) Minecraft server.

When you first try to access the McMyAdmin web interface, you'll be "greeted" by a denied access image:

In order to access McMyAdmin you have to "initialize" the default username, and then change it. **Note that for all commands below that need to be typed that have quotes around them - DON'T type the quotes!**
  1. First, SSH into your server.

  2. Type docker exec -it mcmyadmin /bin/bash

  3. Now that you are operating "inside" the McMyAdmin Docker container, type ./minecraft/MCMA2_Linux_x86_64 /quit

  4. You will get a message telling you the updater will download and install McMyAdmin to the current directory, and prompt you Y/N. Go ahead and type Y.

  5. Once the update is complete, type exit to leave the Docker container and return to your main server command line.

  6. Stop the McMyAdmin Docker container either through Portainer or type docker stop mcmyadmin.

  7. Restart the McMyAdmin Docker container either through Portainer or type docker start mcmyadmin.

  8. Login on the web portal with the default username admin and password password.

  9. Change the password for the admin user from the McMyAdmin web interface. (You can add a new user and delete "admin" if you want from the web interface.)


    • DO NOT add "minecraft.tld" to your DNS settings (i.e. Cloudflare or otherwise) if you want people to go to minecraft.tld as the game server name. You still need to add mcmyadmin to your DNS settings however. I.e. assuming your server TLD is once you've established your Minecraft server through McMyAdmin, anyone who wants to use it through their Minecraft game can go to "". Of course, they can just use your server's IP if you prefer.
    • With the free McMyAdmin account you can only manage one world, which by default is set to run on the standard Minecraft port of 25565.
  • -You can drag and drop files into the web interface of McMyAdmin to upload them to the server. However, by default "jar" files (i.e. Java files - which are most plugins) are not allowed. If you want to remove that restriction, first STOP the mcmyadmin docker container. Then from your server edit the McMyAdmin.conf file (should be /opt/appdata/mcmyadmin/McMyAdmin.conf). Look in the first grouping titled #Security and near the bottom of that grouping change the line Security.DisableFileTransferRestrictions=False to Security.DisableFileTransferRestrictions=True.

3. Mods

For quick downloads and install of Spigot or CraftBukkit versions of Minecraft:

  1. SSH into your main server

  2. Go to the Minecraft game directory which is found in /opt/appdata/mcmyadmin/Minecraft (i.e. type "cd /opt/appdata/mcmyadmin/Minecraft")

  3. For latest CraftBukkit, type the command: wget -O craftbukkit.jar

  4. For latest Spigot, type the command: wget -O spigot.jar

For the latest builds that you can create and update yourself (from

  1. Type sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre-headless to update the Java JRE

  2. Type sudo mkdir /opt/appdata/mcmyadmin/spigot

  3. Type sudo chown 1000:1000 /opt/appdata/mcmyadmin/spigot

  4. Go to the spigot directory (type cd /opt/appdata/mcmyadmin/spigot)

  5. Type curl -o BuildTools.jar

  6. Type git config --global --unset core.autocrlf

  7. Type java -jar BuildTools.jar

  8. Wait as it builds your jars. In a few minutes you should have freshly compiled jars!

  9. You can find the newly created CraftBukkit and Spigot jar files in the same directory you ran the the BuildTools.jar in - i.e. /opt/appdata/mcmyadmin/spigot

  10. Copy and rename the craftbukkit-x.x.x.jar and/or spigot.x.x.x.jar to the Minecraft directory (i.e cp craftbukkit-1.13.2.jar /opt/appdata/mcmyadmin/Minecraft/craftbukkit.jar)

Useful Starter Links

  1. Introduction
  2. Blitz YouTube Channel
  3. G-Suite Signup
  4. Recommended NewsHosts

Prior Planning 101

  1. Recommended Pre-Reading
  2. Server - Storage Planning
  3. Usenet or BitTorrent
  4. PG Editions
  5. PGBlitz Repos
  6. Common Issues

Deploy & Config

  1. SSH Server Access
  2. Create a SUDO User
  3. Install PGBlitz
  4. WatchTower
  5. Remote Path Mappings

Data Transport
  1. PG Clone
    1. Google OAuth Keys
    2. PG Move
    3. PG Blitz
    4. 2nd HD Option

Key Components

  1. Traefik
  2. Port Guard
  3. PG Shield
  4. PG Press
  5. Google Cloud - GCE
    1. Automated setup
  6. Hetzner Cloud
  7. PG Fork
  8. Extra PG Commands

Blitz App Info

  1. Accessing PG Apps
  2. App Port Scheme
  3. Plex to AutoScan

Tools & Services

Core Apps [Expand]
  1. Emby
  2. Jackett
  3. Jellyfin
  4. LazyLibrarian
  5. Lidarr
  6. Netdata
  7. NZBGet
  8. Ombi
  9. Plex
  10. Portainer
  11. qBittorrent
  12. Radarr
  13. RuTorrent
  15. Sonarr
  16. Tautulli
Community Apps [Expand]
  1. AirSonic
  2. AllTube
  3. Bazarr
  4. Beets
  5. Bitwarden
  6. BookSonic
  7. cAdvisor
  8. Cloud Commander
  9. DDClient
  10. Deezloaderremix
  11. Deluge
  12. DelugeVPN
  13. Duplicati
  14. EmbyStats
  15. FlexGet
  16. Gazee
  17. Gitea
  18. Handbrake
  19. Headphones
  20. Heimdall
  21. HomeAssistant
  22. HTPCManager
  23. JDownloader2
  24. jd2-openvpn
  25. Kitana
  26. Logarr
  27. MakeMKV
  28. MariaDB
  29. McMyadmin
  30. MEDUSA
  31. Mellow
  32. Monitorr
  33. Muximux
  34. Mylar
  35. NextCloud
  36. NowShowing
  37. NZBHydra2
  38. NZBThrottle
  39. Organizr
  40. pyLoad
  41. Radarr4k
  42. Resilio
  43. rflood-openvpn
  44. rutorrent-openvpn
  45. ShareSite
  46. Shoko Anime Server
  47. SpeedTest
  48. SyncLounge
  49. Syncthing
  50. The Lounge
  51. Transmission
  52. Trakt.or
  53. Ubooquity
  54. x TeVe
  55. Zammad

Misc Info & Articles

  1. Change Server Time
  2. Fail2Ban
  3. Custom Containers
  1. Scripting Area
    1. Auto Upload for Sonarr and Lidarr
    2. Auto Delete Log
    3. Plex Plugin DB Backup
    4. Plex fast BACKUP
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