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# Package Namespace is hardcoded. Modules must live in
# PGBuild::Modules
package PGBuild::Modules::Skeleton;
use PGBuild::Options;
use PGBuild::SCM;
use strict;
+use vars qw($VERSION); $VERSION = 'REL_4.6';
my $hooks = {
'checkout' => \&checkout,
'setup-target' => \&setup_target,
'need-run' => \&need_run,
'configure' => \&configure,
'build' => \&build,
'install' => \&install,
'installcheck' => \&installcheck,
'cleanup' => \&cleanup,
sub setup
my $class = __PACKAGE__;
my $buildroot = shift; # where we're building
my $branch = shift; # The branch of Postgres that's being built.
my $conf = shift; # ref to the whole config object
# could even set up several of these (e.g. for different branches)
my $self = {};
bless ($self, $class);
# for each instance you create, do:
sub checkout
my $self = shift;
my $savescmlog = shift; # array ref to the log lines
print main::time_str(), "checking out ",__PACKAGE__,"\n" if $verbose;
push(@$savescmlog,"Skeleton processed checkout\n");
sub setup_target
my $self = shift;
# copy the code or setup a vpath dir if supported as appropriate
print main::time_str(), "setting up ",__PACKAGE__,"\n" if $verbose;
sub need_run
my $self = shift;
my $run_needed = shift; # ref to flag
# to force a run do:
# $$run_needed = 1;
print main::time_str(), "checking if run needed by ",
__PACKAGE__,"\n" if $verbose;
sub configure
my $self = shift;
print main::time_str(), "configuring ",__PACKAGE__,"\n" if $verbose;
sub build
my $self = shift;
print main::time_str(), "building ",__PACKAGE__,"\n" if $verbose;
sub install
my $self = shift;
print main::time_str(), "installing ",__PACKAGE__,"\n" if $verbose;
sub installcheck
my $self = shift;
my $locale = shift;
print main::time_str(), "checking ",__PACKAGE__,"\n" if $verbose;
sub cleanup
my $self = shift;
print main::time_str(), "cleaning up ",__PACKAGE__,"\n" if $verbose;
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