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@adunstan adunstan released this Nov 12, 2018 · 29 commits to master since this release

Along with numerous fixes of minor bugs and a couple of not so minor bugs, this release has the following features:

  • new command line parameter --run-parallel for runs all branches in parallel, possibly across animals as well
  • new config setting max_load_avg inhibits a run if the load average is higher than the setting
  • new config_option archive_reports saves that number of generations of the report sent to the server
  • new command line parameter --show-error-log which outputs the error log if any on stdout
  • automatically rerun 3 hours after a git failure, useful on back branches where commits can be infrequent
  • automatically convert old URLs to
  • better logic to detect when temp installs are unnecessary
  • better valgrind processing
  • new module to check core perl code for style and syntax
  • allow upstream repos to be rebased
  • add animal name and branch to verbose traces, useful in parallel runs
  • remove old if $branch eq 'global' processing in config file, replace with a simple global stanza, the legacy use is still supported.

If you want to run in parallel and you are just running a single animal, changing --run-all to --run-parallel in the command line should be all you need to do. Parallel runs are not run all at once. By default they are launched every 60 seconds. You can also limit the maximum number of parallel runs. The default is 10. I will be adding some notes to the Buildfarm Howto on how to use this feature.

The max_load_avg setting only works on Unix, and requires the installation of the non-standard perl module Unix::Uptime. If this value is set to a non-zero value and the module is not present the script will die. The setting is compared to the load average in the last minute and the last 5 minutes. If either are higher then the run is cancelled.

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@adunstan adunstan released this Jun 3, 2018 · 103 commits to master since this release

This release contains a number of small changes to make using the
--from-source feature a bit nicer. It also contains a good deal of code
cleanup to be perlcritic clean, with some exceptions, down to severity
level 3, and also to remove some out of date code that referred to
Postgresql branches we no longer support.

It also contains the following features:

  • --tests and --schedule now apply to the check step as well as the
    installcheck step
  • a new --delay-check switch delays the check step until after
    install. This helps work around a bug or lack of capacity w.r.t.
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Alpine Linux
  • if the environment value BFLIB exists it is added to the perl search
    path. That means it is possible to install the top level scripts
    separately from the support modules.
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