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Loved this event? Join VMware Code and ask for an invite to the private #pghlittlehack channel. We meet every month!

Table of Contents


Hi everyone! We will use this Github repository to announce more details about the Big #PGHLittleHack event taking place in May 22, 2019. For full details of location and time please read @carlcapozza's blog post

Feel free to send a pull request and modify this document to show your engagement :)


Confirmed attendees with a team - feel free to submit a PR to move yourself or create a new team

Raspberry Pi Hackers Using a Raspberry Pi via python to leverage Motion detectors and a measurement device to calculate distance of how far you are from the server rack. Then be able to check again to see if person is still there.

Team Pineapple aka Pineapple Express Goal to mess with ... Parse Twitter for specific key terms using using Postman with Twitter APIs. Based on the output they will perform tasks against a vCenter Server. Nailed it with beers for the team! (BONUS)

Team M&M&M Leveraging Imgur APIs to uploaped images of cats via Postman

Giant Shreaglez - FIRST ON BOARD Team Giant Shreaglez Using Terraform to stand up EC2 instances and monitor them using vROPS. Levergaing Pihole as the workload. Using a Phonton based VM as an Ad blocker replacement to personalize Ads

Team Expedient aka The Godfather Utilizing APIs for Twitter to parse @handles and tell how boring someone is.

SuperPi Decoding faluty manufacturing documentation...With drones!

Team Terraformer
Deploying EC2 instances via terraform. Will use this method to deploy workloads on vCloud. Great GIT flow drawings! (BONUS)

From the Meetup page

  • Matthew C (no show?)

Team VMUG LEADERS aka the really virtual team

Guest judges - these can change and join teams etc

Vishwa Srikaanth, VMware, vSphere Product Manager for API and tags
Kyle Ruddy, VMware, Senior Technical Marketing Architect automation
Nigel Hickey, VMware, Technical Marketing Engineer vSphere
Tim Davis, VMware, Native Cloud Advocate

Support Staff
Ariel Sanchez, VMware, Technical Account Manager


The scoring is based on three main areas:

  • Team engagement
  • Technical chops
  • Presentation

Here's the activities which will grant your team points (feel free to recommend more):


  • Naming your team
  • Sending a tweet with a picture of your team and team name to the #PGHLittleHack hashtag
  • Extra points if you tag everyone in your team in that tweet!
  • Meet five people you didn't know before today and trade stickers
  • Create in the PGHLittleHack Github repo a text file with your Team name, members and project
  • Bringing beer to team members


  • Interact with a public API (any method)
  • Interact with a public API using a "modern language" such as Python, Ansible, Terraform, etc
  • Create a sub-repository or team project page and add your code


  • Had a clear objective
  • Can detail what each team member brought to the project
  • Create a presentation
  • Use memes in the presentation (Ariel has something special if you use cats!)
  • Did not use Comic Sans


Confirmed lab gear and technology you can play with

  • Eric Nielsen will have Raspebrry Pi and sensors handy
  • Expedient is offering access to their vCloud environment! And they will be in attendance to help people use it. Send Ariel Sanchez a DM with 4 things - first name, last name, work email, company. They won't spam you, but it's needed for this generous gesture. This is great if you don't have a clear idea of what you want to build but know you will need some infrastructure.
  • Ariel Sanchez will bring a 64gb NUC, Open vSwitch switch, and a VeloCloud device
  • AdminWillie has a Pi with contollers.
  • Tim Borland has a vRA + NSX-T environment, open to working on things involving API/Terraform/etc.
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