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Advanced Algorithms Implementations


In order to run the test you are going to need a version of C++ installed and also the libraries BOOST and LEDA

Content of this repository

  • [kruskal_mst] presents a simple implementation of Kruskal's Algorithm for finding minnimum spanning trees on connected undirected graphs. There are also two helper functions for transforming Boost Graphs to Leda Graphs and vice versa.
    Implented using Boost & Leda Library

  • [str_comp] presents the implementation of an algorithm for finding strong components on a directed graph and a checker function that verifies it's correctness.
    Implemented using Leda Library.

== In case you want to use this repository be carefull, this code comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY!

-- Author
Gryllos Prokopis
Upatras 2013-2014