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Test Execution


The objective of Model-based Testing (MBT) in PHANTOM is to carry out black box testing for both use case applications and individual components of applications on the PHANTOM platform with a focus on global functional and non-functional properties of distributed and parallel computing environments. The System Under Test, SUTs, are thus PHANTOM applications within PHANTOM computing environments along with the applications’ components. Functional properties test that the SUT is able to produce the expected outputs when given the corresponding inputs under specific configurations. Non-functional properties refer to the SUT performance indicators such as execution time and energy consumption monitored by PHANTOM platform.

Concretely, the MBT in PHANTOM are conducted in two phases - early validation and test execution - together with four activities - model validation, performance estimation, functional testing and non-functional testing. Early validation is realized by model validation and performance estimation to check the functionalities of the intended implementations and estimate the performance in parallel with the application development, whilst test execution provides and executes concrete tests to conduct thorough functional and non-functional testing.

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