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This is a set of Jupyter Notebooks to introduce digital case studies.
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Binder Azure Notebooks


This is a set of Jupyter Notebooks to introduce digital case studies. Click on the Binder or the Azure Notebookslink above. Wait a few minutes for the binder or Microsoft Azure Notebook to complete its setup and launch. Click on NB01-GEEKS-Case-Study-Introduction.ipynb to launch the Introduction notebook.


  1. NB00-Case-Study-Intro-Prepare-Environment.ipynb: Run this when not using Binder or Microsoft Azure Notebook.
  2. NB01-GEEKS-Case-Study-Introduction.ipynb: This notebook contains the "Introduction to Digital Case Studies". Run this notebook before the other digital case studies.

For Microsoft Azure Notebook

  1. To use Microsoft Azure Notebook to launch this GitHub repository, you need to create an account at
  2. If you see the popup window below, this means the packages required to run notebooks are still being installed. The window will disappear when package installation is complete.

Learn More About

  1. Project Jupyter
  2. BinderHub technology - repo2docker
  3. Microsoft Azure Notebooks and QuickStart Documentation

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