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Glob-like file and pattern matching utility.



Install Splat with Composer.

composer require phlak/splat

Then import the Glob or Pattern classes as needed.

use PHLAK\Splat\Glob;
use PHLAK\Splat\Pattern;


Glob methods accept a $pattern as the first parameter. This can be a string or an instance of \PHLAK\Splat\Pattern.

$pattern = new Pattern(...);
$pattern = Pattern::make(...);

A pattern string may contain one or more of the following special matching expressions.

Matching Expressions

  • ? matches any single character
  • * matches zero or more characters excluding / (\ on Windows)
  • ** matches zero or more characters including / (\ on Windows)
  • [abc] matches a single character from the set (i.e. a, b or c)
  • [a-c] matches a single character in the range (i.e. a, b or c)
  • [^abc] matches any character not in the set (i.e. not a, b or c)
  • [^a-c] matches any character not in the range (i.e. not a, b or c)
  • {foo,bar,baz} matches any pattern in the set (i.e. foo, bar or baz)
    • Sets may contain other matching patterns (i.e. {foo,ba[rz]})


The following assertions can be use to assert that a string is followed by, or not followed by, another pattern.

  • (=foo) matches any string that also contains foo
  • (!foo) matches any string that does not also contain foo

For example, a pattern of *.tar(!.{gz,xz}) will match a string ending with .tar or but not tar.gz or tar.xz.

Converting Patterns To Regular Expressions

Glob patterns can be converted to a regular expression pattern.

Pattern::make('foo')->toRegex(); // Returns '#^foo$#'
Pattern::make('foo/bar.txt')->toRegex(); // Returns '#^foo/bar\.txt$#'
Pattern::make('file.{yml,yaml}')->toRegex(); // Returns '#^file\.(yml|yaml)$#'

You can control regular expression line anchors via the $options parameter.

Pattern::make('foo')->toRegex(Glob::NO_ANCHORS); // Returns '#foo#'
Pattern::make('foo')->toRegex(Glob::START_ANCHOR); // Returns '#^foo#'
Pattern::make('foo')->toRegex(Glob::END_ANCHOR); // Returns '#foo$#'
Pattern::make('foo')->toRegex(Glob::BOTH_ANCHORS); // Returns '#^foo$#'
Pattern::make('foo')->toRegex(Glob::START_ANCHOR | Glob::END_ANCHOR); // Returns '#^foo$#'

Pattern Character Escaping

Sometimes you may have characters in a string that shouldn't be treated as matching expression characters. In those situations you can escape any character by preceeding it with a backslash (\).

Pattern::make('What is happening\?');
Pattern::make('Wall-E \[2008\].mp4');

You may also escape glob pattern characters from a string programmatically with the Pattern::escape() method.

Pattern::escape('What is happening?'); // Returns 'What is happening\?'
Pattern::escape('*.{yml,yaml}'); // Returns '\*.\{yml\,yaml\}'
Pattern::escape('[Ss]pl*t.txt'); // Returns '\[Ss\]pl\*t.txt'


Files In

Get a list of files in a directory matching a glob pattern.

Glob::in('**.txt', 'some/file/path');

Returns a Symfony Finder Component containing the files matching the glob pattern within the specified directory (e.g. foo.txt, foo/bar.txt, foo/bar/baz.txt, etc.).

Exact Match

Test if a string matches a glob pattern.

Glob::match('*.txt', 'foo.txt'); // true
Glob::match('*.txt', 'foo.log'); // false

Match Start

Test if a string starts with a glob pattern.

Glob::matchStart('foo/*', 'foo/bar.txt'); // true
Glob::matchStart('foo/*', 'bar/foo.txt'); // false

Match End

Test if a string ends with a glob pattern.

Glob::matchEnd('**.txt', 'foo/bar.txt'); // true
Glob::matchEnd('**.txt', 'foo/bar.log'); // false

Match Within

Test if a string contains a glob pattern.

Glob::matchWithin('bar', 'foo/bar/baz.txt'); // true
Glob::matchWithin('bar', 'foo/baz/qux.txt'); // false

Filter an Array (of Strings)

Filter an array of strings to values matching a glob pattern.

Glob::filter('**.txt', [
    'foo', 'foo.txt', '', 'foo/bar.png', 'foo/bar.txt',

// Returns ['foo.txt', 'foo/bar.txt']

Reject an Array (of Strings)

Filter an array of strings to values not matching a glob pattern.

Glob::reject('**.txt', [
    'foo', 'foo.txt', '', 'foo/bar.png', 'foo/bar.txt',

// Returns ['foo', '', 'foo/bar.png']


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This project is licensed under the MIT License.