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my Ultimate PHP Board

or just myUPB
Ultimate PHP Board is a flat-file forum for anyone who need fast and modern forum without using mySQL.

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Development flow

Official Forum is on

Unofficial Forum for programmers is on

actual Server Requirements :
PHP Version: 5.3
other Requirements:

About MyUPB:

MyUPB Forum software was first released in 2002, its initials is an acronym of Ultimate PHP Board. It was written by a small team of software developers working under the banner PHP Outburst headed by Tim Hoeppner aka Pilot and supported by Jerroyd Moore aka Rebles.

Originally Pilot stopped work on the project for several years and handed it off to Excorcist aka Ben Woods. During this time Excorcist served as the head of the project until Pilot rejoined and resumed serving as the project lead. Developers ServerGuy and Rebles joined during the time that Excorcist was leading the project. ServerGuy and Rebles were crucial to the project's success at the time and between the three of them, MyUPB matured significantly.

Other developers were Jono345, The Ripper, Codex and Clark, who joined in April 2007.

Although the team continued to expand its features MySQL based forums had become a cheap and attractive alternative which lead to a decline in the number of sites using MyUPB. In December 2010 v.2.2.7. became available though sadly this has proved to be the last official release.

Progress since then has been slow with the original team retiring from the project. Clark continued to develop the forum with localisation and various other additions until he left the project in May 2014.

Now, since may 2014 new group of developers is working on myUPB v.2.2.8. We decided to store code on Github where you can see how much work we did since 2.2.7 version.

Some of the new things are:

  • new Captcha (thanks for Cool-php-captcha team)
  • many bugfixes (there is still much to do)
  • html5 and css3 (in 2.2.8 we want to use new technologies)
    • partially changed obsolete html tags to new ones (or css)


  • fix all errors! :)
  • new skins
  • internationalisation
  • better time (auto time zone and other things)
  • break with old technologies (some parts are still backward compatible with PHP 3 ;)

MyUPB is a forum package that is ideal for smaller websites that don't require a 'feature rich' forum and can be even faster than mySQL-based forums.

an warm welcome for all PHP & Ajax as well as Java programmer

best regards
PHP Outburst team :)


Ultimate PHP Board is completely text based making it easy for anybody who has access to PHP can run a messageboard of their own without the need for MySQL.





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