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Maybe we can remove history.txt and keep its content as github wiki
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About MyUPB Forum
About MyUPB Forum history

MyUPB Forum software was first released in 2002, its initials being an acronym of Ultimate Php Board.
It was written by a small team of software developers working under the banner Php Outburst headed
@@ -16,28 +16,9 @@ Progress since then has been slow with the original team retiring from the proje
who continued to develop the forum with localisation and various other additions until he too left the
project in May 2014.

With Clark's departure future development of the project to v.2.2.8 is uncertain and there is no longer
any official support.

MyUPB is still a great forum package that is ideal for smaller websites that don't require
a 'feature rich' forum and can be even better providing some of the errors and configuration issues can be corrected.
Jun 8, 2014 - repository was moved to GitHub.

If you would like to learn more about the project and the various releases then visit these sites:

The official MyUPB forum want be renewed and mus be have an relaunch and
Halamix from have move the MyUPB Software on the Github repository at Jun 8, 2014
and have Build the "PHP Outburst Group" Outburst, because now MyUPB in Freedom
and any can help with !
Bill from have Build an Programmer underground Forum for us on at .... ? ....
Blackcrack from build at Aug 11, 2014 an Offizially Webpage for MyUPB and build
some skins for MyUPB :)
clark-myupb it is honorific Owner and remains on lifetime the Chef !
PHPCodex has Joined on Jul 19, 2014 get 6 contributions at 19 Juli ...
Rouven,rwchhs aka DrKitarisu Joined on Sep 06, 2013 in the Team and have get
to this point 74 commits at Aug 10 2013 - Aug 10 2014 and make a really good work !

it will go on and document here !
Like a diary :)
With Clark's departure future development of the project to v.2.2.8 was slowed down until it stopped.

In 2017 development resumed, starting with bugfixing.

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