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1.5.0-stable (2011-??-??)
* Added: CardDAV support.
- * Added: An experimental WebDAV client
+ * Added: An experimental WebDAV client.
* BC Break: Adding parameters with the VObject libraries now overwrites
the previous parameter, rather than just add it. This makes more sense
for 99% of the cases.
* Fixed: Problem with overriding tablenames for the CalDAV backend.
- * Added: Clark-notation parser to XML utility
- * Added: unset() support to VObject components
+ * Added: Clark-notation parser to XML utility.
+ * Added: unset() support to VObject components.
+ * Fixed: Refactored CalDAV property fetching to be faster and simpler.
1.4.4-stable (2011-07-07)
* Fixed: Issue 131: Custom CalDAV backends could break in certain cases.
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