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MarkBaker Statistical issues (#1098)
* Merge branch 'master' of C:\Projects\PHPOffice\PHPSpreadsheet\develop with conflicts.

* Adjusted logic for COUNT() function to handle differences in EXCEL, GNUMERIC and OPENOFFICE modes for cells and for literal values

* Fix case-sensitivity in filenames

* Appeasing Codesniffer

* Resolve COUNTA() differences between cell values and literals

* Style fixes

* Start refactoring statistical function tests into individual tests rather than having a single, giant test for all statistical functions.... first step toward doing this for all tests

* More refactoring into separate tests
If all functions have their own individual test files, it should be a lot easier to identify which functions aren't covered by tests yet

* Missing last lines in files
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PhpSpreadsheet Statistical issues (#1098) Jul 20, 2019
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