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A little program to manage customers / offers and ivoices
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A little program to manage customers / offers and invoices.


Please make sure that the Java Runtime Environment is installed on your system in order to start the Invoice Management application (which is based on Java).

Developer notes

If you are looking forward to edit the source code and compile it by your own you should provide the bat_to.exe tool inside the store/ subfolder (tested with v3.0.10). You can get the Bat-to-exe tool from the official WebPage. Don't forget to rename it to bat_to.exe because this is the expected name and Netbeans will call it like this.

How to generate a new binary?

Please use the package-for-store option within Netbeans to generate a new binary: Switch to the File tabe, left click the build.xml file and navigate to Run Target > Other Targets > package-for-store.

How to generate a new installation file (Setup.exe)?

Please install Inno Setup Compile (I used v5.6.1 (a)) on you machine, edit the paths as well as the version number inside of the isc/ivm_setup.iss to match your new release number and compile the file. The compiler will generate the Setup.exe as you defined.


You can download the latest build (exe file) here. Important: Please always check the Release Notes to be sure running on an stable release! Please note: Since you download an executable binaray from the web your system will probably display a warning message. Don't worry, the app is not dangerous 😉


Are other languages available?

No, not yet.

First steps

If you start the InvoiceManagement tool the first time you will be displayed by the Create a new user window and have to create an user account. Please fill in your credentials and store them carefully (can only be resetted by the Admin). ⮞ Screenshot

The next step is to input your company contact data. Since you are completly new to the tool you will be displayed to the settings window. First of all start reading the short welcome text. After reading the text continue with editing the company contact data. Here is my example: ⮞ Screenshot

A last important step is to check the secure mode settings. The secure mode is default on. What is the secure mode? Every activated option within the secure mode setting can only be done by confirming this related action by entering the user password. Please check the settings here Bearbeiten -> Einstellungen -> Sicherer Modus: ⮞ Screenshot

The following image shows an example of the secure mode confirm dialoge. I tried to delete an existng customer (what was an active setting within the secure mode): ⮞ Screenshot

Known Bugs

You found an bug? Please feel free to report it so that I can try to fix it - thanks for your support!

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