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A simple java client for the FRED( api.

Latest version: Download

For payload/parameter data models See.

Getting started.

add to yur pom.xml


use the client:

  Client fredClient = new Client(apiKey);
  //search for series
  SeriesDescriptorResultSet seriesDescriptors = fredClient.getSeriesResource().search(
            new SearchParams("farm", SearchType.full_text), null,
            new PagingParams(100, 0, null, Order.desc), null, null);

  //get observations
  SeriesObservationsResultSet observations = fredClient.getSeriesResource().getObservations("LODINIM066N", null,
            new ObservationInterval(,,
            new PagingParams(100, 0, null, Order.desc),
            new ObservationTransformations(Unit.lin, Frequency.m, AggregationMethod.eop),
           null, null);

See for examples of use.

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