Master Data Manager, to manage data inside Database row by row, and massively
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PIT Business

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Master Data Manager

This solution is a user interface plugged on a database schema that allows to manage tables content.
The user navigates between multiple tables via custom Menus, and displays data in a really efficient way thanks to paginated queries. Classical Create, Update and Delete functions can be performed row by row, or massively thanks to Import, Export and Delete all selected features. Selections are done with some 1-column filters, or with a all-columns filter. Interface is accessible via a login screen, where the security is checked with Windows AD and the user obtains a Read, Write or Admin role.
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Which challenges does it address?

Business Users

  • When business users need to edit data inside database tables bypassing challenges with SQL knowledge, Tool installation, Connection information, Security management


  • When BICC/IT needs to manage content of configuration tables inside database and to perform massive INSERT/MERGE effectively
  • For BICC/IT to provide an easy to use UI and keep control on security to business users
  • Get to ability to custom the UI only with configuration files and without web development knowledges


Version: 1.3

  • Multiple connections to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Columns order defined in configuration file
  • Possibility to hide some technical columns with configuration file
  • Define some Foreign Keys in configuration file that will link to destination table
  • Define extra links in configuration file according to row data
  • User's authentication in Windows AD

Version: 1.2

  • Filter data column by column
  • Filter data on multiple columns
  • Sort data column by column
  • Export all data displayed in a CSV file
  • Delete all displayed data according to filters
  • Import all data from a CSV file, Insert news record and Merge existing records based on Primary Key
  • Possibility to link a column to a language, and display only the column linked to the user's language

Version: 1.1

  • Connection to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Configuration file to define tables' structure
  • Listing tables in custom Menus
  • Listing data in table
  • Data pagination
  • Create form to add a record
  • Update form to edit a record
  • Delete link and confirmation for one record


Master Data Manager - PIT Business - Architecture
Techonologies: PHP, Symfony, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, TWIG, Windows SQL Server, T-SQL, Windows AD, LDAP.

Quick installation

This Master Data Manager is not available without context introduction and basic understandings, please contact PIT Business to get the MDM Solution.

  1. Install IIS >= 8.0 on Windows Server >= 2012
  2. Install PHP >= 7.0 on Windows Server >= 2012
  3. Deploy MDM source code on the Windows Server
  4. Create the IIS Website linked to the MDM source code
  5. Edit the YML configuration files


    database_host: hostname
    database_port: 1433
    database_name: db
    database_schema: dbo
    database_user: sa
    database_password: ******** '\\shared_path\upload'
    export.delimiter: '||'


  displayName: Table1 Name
    displayName: 'Primary Key'
    identifier: true
    displayName: 'My Foreign Key'
    identifier: false
      table: destination_table_in_db
      property: destination_col_in_table
      labelProperty: destination_col_to_display
    nullable: true
    displayName: 'Name EN'
    language: EN
    displayName: 'Name NL'
    language: NL
    nullable: true
    displayName: 'Name FR'
    language: FR
    visibleListing: true
    visibleForm: false


Licensed under the GNU AGPLv3
Strongest copyleft license are conditioned on making available complete source code of licensed works and modifications, which include larger works using a licensed work, under the same license. Copyright and license notices must be preserved. Contributors provide an express grant of patent rights. When a modified version is used to provide a service over a network, the complete source code of the modified version must be made available.
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