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Send, Stake and Receive with PIVX's most universal wallet.

Production (Stable) | Bleeding-Edge (Unstable)

Be your own Bank

MPW is a completely non-custodial, client-side system, giving you absolute control over your funds, data, bandwidth and privacy... all of which are essential to easily-attainable self-sovereignty.

Universal and Portable

MPW is completely universal and portable, at both a user-experience level & protocol-level, MPW is interopable with much of the functionality within PIVX, while also being portable enough to run on almost any device in the world.

Don't trust, Verify!

MPW is completely free, open-source software (FOSS), with absolute transparency in security, features, down to every letter of code.
Alongside total codebase availability, MPW allows you to totally bunker-down, with the ability to customize your experience in accordance to your principles & security desires.

By the Community, for the Community

MPW is built with love by PIVX Labs, a micro-DAO of awesome people that build both FOSS and Proprietary software for the PIVX community to enjoy.

The mission of PIVX Labs is to accelerate the adoption & growth of PIVX as a currency, using awesomeness. Join the PIVX Labs Discord to meet us!


  • JavaScript 66.4%
  • Vue 16.0%
  • CSS 9.8%
  • HTML 6.6%
  • Python 1.2%