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For which model of Yi camera it is actually working?

It works for Xiaomi Yi Sport Camera v.1 (all scripts) some of them could also work with 2nd version (didn`t tested)


How to get it works?

  1. Download or create file autoexec.ash from this repository.
  2. Put autoexec.ash into your SD card root directory.
  3. Done.
  4. Problems? Follow wiki pages!

Are you the owner/author of particular script?

  • Start issue here and paste an evidence like link to board, screen whatsoever, than your name will be added to the header of script!

Contribution rules:

  • Feel free to fork, create pull requests, wiki pages etc. I will be thankful for your help!

Will this script run on firmware X.X.X?

  • If you will find subdirectory in this repository with firmware version (like bitrate) than you have to be aware of choosing proper script for your firmware version
  • If there is no subdirectory (like autostart_record) you can be sure that it will work for all firmwares and all camera revisions.
  • In general - all scripts where bites are overwriten (writeb/writew) needs to be checked with firmware/revision version.

General rule:

  • Please be adviced that scripts here are without any warranty. Therefore use them at your own risk, even if they were succesfully tested!

Scripts that you should pay attention at :)


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Compilation of autoexec scripts and mods for Xiaomi Yi camera



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