Compilation of autoexec scripts and mods for Xiaomi Yi camera
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!!commands_extracted New directory for users scripts + new script from Fried Dec 27, 2015
!combo_scripts_users Merge pull request #6 from nutsey/master Jul 10, 2016
ISO_and_shutter_speed fix for line endings of not working scripts Sep 30, 2015
RAW_photo_mode fix for line endings of not working scripts Sep 30, 2015
autoknee_set_level exposure, gamma, autoknee levels scripts Oct 10, 2015
autostart_record delete 'all'directories Sep 19, 2015
beep beeping sound Sep 30, 2015
bitrate bitrate values for 1.2.13 Sep 27, 2015
cleaning_thumbnail_files Update autoexec.ash Aug 19, 2017
exposure_lock exposure lock script for photo and video mode Oct 1, 2015
exposure_set_level manual exposure scripts Oct 19, 2015
exposure_set_level2 manual exposure scripts Oct 19, 2015
file_size_limitation_off_FAT32 fix for line endings of not working scripts Sep 30, 2015
focus_adjustment_helper focus adjustment Nov 22, 2015
ftp_server_open Script for ftp connection open Jan 2, 2016
gamma_set_level exposure, gamma, autoknee levels scripts Oct 10, 2015
led led commands Oct 2, 2015
lost_camera Update readme Oct 8, 2015
resolution/1.2.13 possible resolutions from 1.2.13 fw Jan 13, 2016
sd_card_info delete 'all'directories Sep 19, 2015
serial_number_change add README Mar 20, 2016
sharpening (method - coring) modes updated Oct 11, 2015
sharpening (method - denoise) add author Oct 10, 2015
telnet_open Telnet script fix Oct 6, 2015
wifi_client_mode fix for line endings of not working scripts Sep 30, 2015
yi_plus Update Jan 9, 2016 authors init Sep 13, 2015 Update Dec 1, 2017


For which model of Yi camera it is actually working?

It works for Xiaomi Yi Sport Camera v.1 (all scripts) some of them could also work with 2nd version (didn`t tested).

Image of Yi camera

How to get it works?

  1. Download or create file autoexec.ash from this repository.
  2. Put autoexec.ash into your SD card root directory.
  3. Done.
  4. Problems? Follow wiki pages!

Are you the owner/author of particular script?

  • Start issue here and paste an evidence like link to board, screen whatsoever, than your name will be added to the header of script!

Contribution rules:

  • Feel free to fork, create pull requests, wiki pages etc. I will be thankful for your help!

Will this script run on firmware X.X.X?

  • If you will find subdirectory in this repository with firmware version (like bitrate) than you have to be aware of choosing proper script for your firmware version
  • If there is no subdirectory (like autostart_record) you can be sure that it will work for all firmwares and all camera revisions.
  • In general - all scripts where bites are overwriten (writeb/writew) needs to be checked with firmware/revision version.

General rule:

  • Please be adviced that scripts here are without any warranty. Therefore use them at your own risk, even if they were succesfully tested!

Scripts that you should pay attention at :)


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