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Yi Plus script


The files (autoexec.ash, yiplus directory) need to be placed in the root directory of your camera's micro sd card.


Modes, settings, and LED blinking behavior can be modified by editing yi_plus.json.
In directory json_scripts you will find example script to turn off LEDs (just replace yi_plus.json). Every configuration change made by official app can be made by this script.

List of settings can be found: here.


Single click power button:
Normal behavior - switch between capture and record
Double click power button (press two times within .5 seconds):
If in capture mode, goes to next yi_plus capture mode listed in yi_plus.json
If in record mode, goes to next yi_plus record mode listed in yi_plus.json
Note: Yi Plus also works with the bluetooth remote!

Known Issues:

  • sometimes doesn't work. need to turn camera off and back on. maybe an issue with the wifi trick?
  • wifi LED blinks but but wifi is not on
  • pressing wifi button will turn wifi off and yi_plus will stop working
  • pressing wifi button again will turn wifi on and allow connection from phone/tablet
  • must power cycle camera after using wifi
  • might not be able to upgrade firmware while yi_plus is running (might have to switch to a different sd card)

Donate to author:

If you like it and want to donate, you can do so via this link: donation