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GitIssues is an Android application that gives a centeralized, simple overview of issues in projects a user is following. The build target is Android 2.1


GitIssues is made for mobile devices with touch screens, so the UI is heavily touch based. I do realize that not everyone has a touchscreen enabled phone, so I will be adding in longpress events to allow for smooth operation of the application on all devices running Android 2.1 or above. A much more involved UI explanation will be created at, which will become the centralized site for this project.


Please do not report bugs until the first milestone is met. If there are features you would like to see, you can either PM me directly or leave a comment on the readme or open a feature request =) Please just keep in mind the intended scope of this project. If your request is out of scope, I'll say so and the issue will be closed. I do want to bring full functionality to the issues side of the API, but that is it. Small, Simple, Clean.

Milestones planned:

0.0.1a -- 'Alpha' Release (To Friends, and anyone who want's to download and compile this for themselves, of course)

  • Please see the feature list for other features currently implemented
  • Full functionality for viewing and commenting on issues.
  • Full functionality for label creation and most functionality for management

0.0.1b -- Initial (Beta) Release (To Android Market, free as free can be)

  • Interface polish, and implementation via user feedback
  • Workflow streamlining due to feedback
  • Ability to post issues on watched repos
  • Ability to filter out projects from your main view.
  • Ability to edit and delete labels
  • To be Determined

0.1 -- Secondary Market Release

  • (Obviously) move to two digit Major/Minor versioning scheme
  • Lots of refactoring to be done for this one
  • Notifications System (Hopefully...)

Building on your own

While I can only hope that no one will just hijack my project, you can certainly download the source, as well as github-java-sdk (found here on github) and the gson library (found on google code), and compile it for yourself, and hack away at it as you see fit.


All code is intended to be licensed under the Apache Licence v2 found here: See the license file for more information. All images are freeware found online, and are owned by their respective authors.

Feature List

This is a list of the currently completed, operational features (the to-do can be found above under milestones:

  • Viewing all your and your organizations repos
  • Viewing all issues for a given repo
  • Adding an issue for a given repo
  • Label addition and creation
  • Commenting on issues
  • Opening / Closing issues via comments