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Hello, #space!

This is a simple project illustrating Grunt setup for a sample #space project.


Clone this repository and then run:

  • npm install grunt-cli -g
  • npm install


To start exploring #space in an easy to setup playground just type:

  • grunt play

This will execute several steps:

  • initial setup of the project (compilation, coping etc.)
  • start a built-in WWW server
  • open your favourite web browser and point it to the root of a freshly started server (http://localhost:8000)
  • watch for all the file changes and compile / copy files as soon as those are changed

There is more

This project contains configuration of several Grunt tasks for:

  • compiling #space templates:
    • grunt - one-time compilation
    • grunt watch - continuous compilation on each file change
  • running a simple HTTP server: grunt connect:server:keepalive

Those tasks can be used individually or you can simply run grunt play for the default workflow.

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