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Plugin changes

This release doesn't contain many new features, but is an important first step towards a more modular and flexible client. Lots of code has been simplified and de-duplicated to separate the "target-aquisition" part of the plugin system from the other functions commonly performed by plugins (i.e. validation and installation).

New UX

The main functional change is the start of a new UX. The program will now present the user with brand-new menu that allows you to create a certificate, list scheduled renewals, run scheduled renewals (forced), or cancel (all) renewals. For many common use cases it won't be necessary to dive into the registry or figure out command line switches, making LEWS more simple, as it's name states it wants to be.

Features and improvements

  • Option to create a certificate for a specific IIS site(s) in unattended mode (#445)
    Example: --plugin iissite --siteid 1
    Example --plugin iissites --siteid 1,2,3
  • Option to exclude specific hosts from a SAN certificate (#419)
    Example: --plugin iissite --siteid 1 --excludebindings exclude.me,exclude.me.too


  • The --san switch has been removed because it's no longer needed in the new UX.


Fix #578 (unattended manual mode)
Fix #572 (exclude binding with uppercase characters)
Fix #573 (--hidehttps didn't play nice with target updates)


Fix #584 (central ssl support broken)
Fix #581 (allow task to run in battery mode)
Fix #583 (respect system wide proxy settings)